Monday, August 1, 2016

the Lord loves me. i see it everyday.


I trust the Lord.

Today is the moment of truth with Daynara and  Dima. She is so ready to be baptized she can hardly wait and she has set a date for herself for 2 weeks. But Dima won't let her unless he gets baptized too. He is  not ready. Tonight we will have President Packer on our lesson. I need your prayers that I will say ONLY what the Lord and spirit directs me and not my own words. Daynara can't wait anymore. But Dima needs his heart to be softened and quit smoking, and gain a testimony of tithing and Joseph Smith and church in general and he needs to read the Book of Mormon. Family I need you to kneel down in prayer and please pray about this lesson tonight.

I am so grateful for my life and for the millions of oppurtunites God has given me. They help me learn and grow. I WANT to continue to have AN ENLIGHTENING LIFE. Isnt that we were placed on this earth to do? We must become like God. How else can we do that without seeking oppurtunities and then taking them head on with Christ right beside us?!
And when God sends the miracles our way, we must always remember them.

I am in Ukraine. It is one gaint privilge the Lord has given me to be here. I used to think it is a sacrifice. I know understand I did not sacrifice ANYTHING for what I have gained here. I found my Savior in Ukraine. I came to understand the atonement on such a new level I can not deny its miracoulous truth and the magic that it just works in my life. I came to a full understanding that I KNOW this gospel is true and the only way back to a place I really really really want to be worth of. I am so happy. I have learned so much. This mission has been my greatest gift from God. Thank goodness I have more time. I love it all! The Lord loves me. I see it everyday I am here. He shows me!

Yesterday we met with a recent convert here who is the best missionary I have ever known. Most of our investigators during my time in Bila have come from her. She is having a hard time in her personal life right now, but she is so faithful no matter what happens to her. I love that. She is a convert of a year and a half. We watched that mormon message called "Mountains to Climb" and she broke when the angry, tried and spent mom went running into her little boys room to find him on his knees turing to God for help. I just testified of the atonement and God's love. It is so real. How lucky are we? How blessed are we to have a knowledge that when things get hard, sometimes impossibly hard, we can turn to a LOVING HEAVENLY FATHER. We are blessed to know that we never go through anything ALONE. Even if we are phsically alone, we are NEVER alone. Our Father stands right there, He waits to wipe and kiss our tear stained cheeks- because He is ready, He understands, He already sent His perfect Son to perform the greatest sacrifice, the biggest miracle there ever has been AND ever will be. and guess what? If we understand the atonement we know we can never be alone in our trials because the very atonement runs around us- us imperfect beings just trying to learn. WE ARE AT THE VERY CORE OF THE ATONEMENT. We are the reason it all happened. Our Savior gave ALL He had for us. LITERALLY. The purpose is to get us back home. The only way back up is through the atonement.
WE KNOW IT IS REAL. I am so eternally grateful words can not express how I feel for my Savior. This life is not easy. But with Him it can be possible, beauitful and fulfilling no MATTER WHAT.
I love Him.

-Сестра Кэррен

we saw an 83 year old grandma named Tamara who was attempting to get all the way down these train tracks to get back to her village. she was walking terribly slow, painfully dragging her bleeding legs one behind the other. we helped her there. she says she knows god loves her and she loves him. she sees his help daily! And yet she suffers so much. I love meeting the children of God here on earth. Her Father in Heaven is proud of her and he loves her, even though she suffers daily she knows that HE is there!

I love her. And I love HIM!

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