Sunday, September 11, 2016

my homecoming

The best part of my homecoming open house was painting these lovlies nails. 

Temple day with the fam. :) 

My Uncle Bill/Mommy.

Cousin lovin'.

Aunt Michelle told me that because of my mission and example these girls have all chosen to go on missions. I am so grateful and touched! Missions are a gift from God.

Cousin lovin'.

My Aunties Laura and Cathy. :)

Ryan with his new wife Laurie. Drove down and back up to Idaho all in one day just to see me speak. Meant the world to me. 

Aunt Tawni and her cute family all came down to support me.

Nana and Pops

My little twins Ruby and Sophie.

These two are my biggest cheerleaders. 


This is my MAMA she is so cute. 

My AK <3

Faffy and her family. 

Callie girl. Cousin lovin'. 

Taylor and Brianna <3

My lovely Sister Bairett. Still the blonde bombshells. 

Happy Sabbath Day! Going to speak! 

It was a great blessing to be with Austin as he went and received his endowments. 

My forever family. Austin is now endowed! 

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