Wednesday, April 8, 2015


I am so happy you are all having fun in Hawaii without me. BUT I am kind of in Hawaii too... our room literally is HAWAII now, thanks to my cute mama. BEST PACKAGE ever! 
-and in case you wonder what i look like when you send me GIANT packages... ;P I have included a picture below. 

-Please thank Suzy Hunter for her easter package and note. It meant so much to me. she is so sweet. tell her I love her! 
-OH MY GOODNESS congrats to Ashley and Kim. I opened that letter just SHOCKED! I am so excited. I love them so much. and babies!!! WOWWWWW! 
-Let me know ASAP when you know if AK made chamber choir. :)
-Also please tell Calyn congrats for me. That is truly an amazing thing. I am so happy she got her mission call! Leeds is stinkin' lucky! My mind is blown she is going to be such a great missionary.
-Say hi to Cary Packer for me- tell her I am PUMPED to finally meet her (soon). I have been hearing stories about them here and I am so dying to GO!
-COWS. Pops told me they got cows. Nana and pops are so cute. Go visit the baby cows mom, and at least send me a picture. 
-Please send a picture of the huli trailer I want to see it! 
-I got all the packages you sent. Thank you it made me so happy!

The seostri and I set up and easter egg hunt for our Elders and it was epic. (Later that night us girls had one in our Dom and it was even more epic. I loved this weekend oh so much I was dying. Watching conference with hundreds of other missionaries all eagerly listening to gods word was incredible. honestly you can't even get me started beacuse I could go off forever about it. I loved it so much, I have never loved it more. 

OK: do you want to hear about my miracles on tuesday?! 
So Tuesday I woke up feeling really sick. Sore throat, achy body, stomach, headache, all that fun stuff. I just went on to have a normal day, and it was actually a really good day but all day I just felt awful. That night one of the Elders asked me if I needed a blessing so of course I said sure! My branch President gave me the blessing. It was a healing blessing and it was beauitful and two things really stuck out to me. 
1. I was commanded to be healed and that my body would return to its normal function. I instantly felt better. Pretty incredible right?
2.I was told that many angles would be with me and I was blessed to especially be able to feel their presence strongly. I immediately new that David my sweet Uncle, was right there. I felt it so strong. I was embarssased to cry in front of my President but he said that I should be crying because the veil was thin and that he had specifically felt to bless me to feel my angels STRONGLY. 
SO MIRACLE 1 was I was healed. 
Miracle 2 was I felt David with me.
And Miracle 3 happened a little later that night. Every Tuesday we go and set up and take down the autotorium for deviotionals. IT is a big job. Well after my blessing we headed over and i was very spiritually overwhelmed. We started cleaning up and one of the jobs we do is stack big heavy chairs on this wheel thing and then take this very talk very large very heavy stack to a back room. I was wheeling it back pushing with all my might and as I went to get it through the door, it would'nt roll over the lip in the door. So naturally I push harder. They started to tip. I tried to stablize them and they began to fall right on top of me. I did not have time to move enough to get out of the way. A second later there was a giant crash. I was not crushed by the chairs. Only the toes on my right foot and my left elbow were glazed. Immediately people gathered to help and wondered how in the world I was not crushed by the chairs, because I should have been. I know it is because of my angel, David. I was overwhelmed again and so grateful. 
Earlier that day I had written in my email how I want to notice the miracles in everyday. Now these were really big ones, but I feel so blessed to see the hand of the Lord in my life. I also had so many small miracles I just can't help but cry and thank my God and my Savior for all they do for us, for the help they send us through angels both on the other side and angels here. I had so many angels today here taking care of me. I just love this gospel so much and I feel tremendously happy to know it is true. Our Savior loves us. He wants us to know Him. Everything the Father does is for us to be happy. We are His children. I just know it and love it.

Look for the miracles. I love you guys and I miss you but this is the work of the Lord. This gospel is true, it is good, it is important. I love you guys and have such a great week. Soak up the sun for me. 

All my Love
Cectpa Karren

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