Wednesday, September 23, 2015

guess who came to see me in KYIV?!?!?


We were sitting in training in Kyiv when all of the sudden I got a text from Elder Kudibergen saying "Something to you came." And I was like ahhhh WHAT? AND SISTER FEDAS (my trainer) came into the room and she didn't know I wasn't blonde so she was bearing her testimony to the new missionaries and she was looking around for me and mid sentence she stopped and was wide mouth wide open and screamed because it has been so long since I saw her. She is still my hero and my most favorite Ukrainian ever. I HUGGED HER SO GOOD. And she was so excited I was training because she said I have been ready since week 6. I disagreed. But it was so fun for me to talk to her in ALL RUSSIAN. And we matched!!! BEST DAY EVER. I EVEN CRIED I WAS SO HAPPY!!!!

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