Monday, September 14, 2015

so lucky to be in Ukraine

6 MONTHS ALREADY?!?!? SAY WHAT. I love being a missionary more than words can express. There is nothing else I would trade in the world for this. NOTHING. 

Thank you for praying so hard for me! I NEED ALL THE POWER from heaven I can get. Sometimes this work is pretty descouraging. But miracle of miracles Larissa came to church yesterday. Only 2 hours but we are working on it,.She is also trying to live the word of wisdom. It is hard. I have seen since we set a date for baptism that Satan has been working so hard on her and I am so afraid! We with Sister McDermott have been praying so hard for her. And as for that little boy Roma I talked about a bit last email, he kissed my cheek yesterday and I almost died. He said this little prayer at the end of a lesson, and my heart. I totally cried but he didn't see so it is ok. I love these people. Even in RUSSIAN which is just kicking my can. I love them. I am in Ukraine. It makes me cry. I am so lucky to be here. 

We saw miracles this week with our investigators and with in ourselves and our companionship. ALSO the photo below is a picture of our English class. It went from 2-3 middle aged men to all these people plus more that left before the photo. In English we teach the gospel. And these people are elect! They are participate. They are from all different faiths, some even athiest and as we talk about faith and all the principles of the gospel they are opening up and discussing and sometimes I SEE REAL REVELATION happening in their eyes. Sometimes we just even get to bear our testimonies in Russian and read the scriptures together. They are incredible people and all from God's hand. This area is coming to life and I get to watch it bloom right before my eyes. God is so amazing. Teaching in this kind of group reminds me of the Book of Mormon, when they would just meet together in large groups and talk about the gospel and it would change the lives of many people at the same time. ISN'T THE GOSPEL AMAZING. JESUS CHRIST AND HIS ATONEMENT REALLY DO CHANGE LIVES. JUST look at these amazing people I LOVE SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!

 I am so grateful for the change my mission is having on me.

I love you so much! This week was great. I have to go now! sorry the email is short. :)

Love сестра кэррен 💋

Larissa our Baptismal Date Investigator

We committed her to live the Word of Wisdom and now she needs Your prayers because Satan is working hard to keep her from her baptism.  BUT SHE WANTS TO CHANGE.  I love her so much.

A cute member named Olya 17.  Her little brother is Roma.

The 9 year old love of my life that we are teaching. He kissed my cheek and I am ok with it.

Cectpa Mak and Roma.

I bought a balloon flower from a Babushka.

A cool flower outside my Dom (home).

The view out my window and some really cool clouds.

Me and Cectpa Mak, flying cuz super heroes are cool. 

Our District Odessa.

Branch members in Odessa

Lunch breaks in the light rain are the best.

Swing away.

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