Monday, January 25, 2016

smile and testify

I am running out of time so I will send my notes from what I learned from Elder Klebingat in leadership counsel. IT was really cool!

This week was wonderful. We had to travel to Kyiv two times this week so it was a little bit crazy but we got trained from Apostles Thursday (it was a world wide training we watched) and also Saturday we got trained by Elder Klebingat of the 70 and the former mission President of my mission.

Well, just remind me when I come home to tell you about the story of when I truly learned what the meaning of 'Cold' means. It is cold in Ukraine and we have lots of ice. But it is fun we are kind of living in a giant ice castle this year.

We taught our wonderful investigators this week. Hazar and Alyona are little but they listen so well and they just love the gospel. It is a pleasure to be with them.

I see the members sacrificing more and more to help us, even inthe cold and on the dangerous ice. We felt the spirit so strong this week on all the lessons we taught and we talked to everyone we met and an old grandpa on the bus even kissed my hands and told me he would never wash them again. Cute and I just wanted him to come to church and get baptized. ;)

I felt the spirit really teach people this week and it was cool to sit there and watch him work. All we had to do was be there, with a great plan, then open up our mouths and let him speak. And he did. We had wonderful lessons with less actives and we really called them to repentance with love. We had lessons with investigators and we invited people to be baptized.

This week we gained two more investigators who already know they need God in their lives and have seen the difference. They want to read the Book of mormon and pray and come to know for themselves if it is true. We saw members bring their friends to church and even random people come and we are busy with the Lords work. He is pouring on the blessings really thick and teaching us how to work with his children. He needs us to be worthy and ready because he is always ready to help his children find him. The branch needs to also be worthy and ready and we are working better together.

We went to the hospital to leave our number and information if sick people need any uplifting or discussions and there we learned after we wandered around for an hour or so that there was a quarentin?? (I cant spell) and that there is swine flu everywhere. That was excited news. But we gained some telephone numbers and found some poeple who are interested. It is awesome! When we work with God and we are creative he really sends us people!

I am changing so much and I just want to repent, and keep working on being better and better so that I can be a good daughter of God and do as he wants. I am his servant. I want him to know that at all times, in all places, and in all things, that he can trust me. So I am really working on myself so that I can give me to him and to these people.

do me a favor and everyday ask yourself how you felt the spirit that day? If you didnt, change something so that you can! It is our gift as members of the church of jesus christ! We need to use it better! Give god more time and he will help us do all that we need to do!

I love you all and will send you my notes from conference! Have a wonderful week!

SMILE. Testify that Christ lives. He loves us. He is our Savior. I know it!


Cectpa Karren

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