Tuesday, March 15, 2016

i want to be a missionary from the scriptures.

This is what Ukrainian looks like. But I still only speak Russian! Dima is getting batptized Saturday March 19!!!! we are holding it in a suana it is going to be fun. :) I love you all!x
to celebrate that we will still be in bila!
This was last weeks family home evening with Dima Sheka and his mom who is reactivating and their neighbors Maria and Ivan they are active members and we love them to death! 

I want to be a missionary in the scriptures.

Our miracle Dima

Love this kid
This is happiness in one picture!There was woman's day this week and the men in the branch put on a celebration for us. they even gave us a flower.

This was one warm day when my comp was sick so I sat with the windows open to catch some sunshine

Some goals I have I wanted to share with you:

-Read the Book of Mormon every single day without fail.
-Wake up at 6:30 every day without fail.
-Keep a daily journal- record miracles
-Increase relationship with God through prayer
    -keep a revelation book
-Pray for each of our sisters by name everyday
  -know them
  -know their needs
  -talk to them often
  -correct them
  -love them
-Represent my Lord Jesus Christ how ne needs me to be. LOVE SERVE BE HUMBLE PATIENT
-Follow every prompting of the Spirit exactly. Always be worth and ready to hear His voice.
-Finish the Russian Book of Mormon and start again.
-Use every moment to be amissionary-reach as many people as I can and testify.
-Increase my personal study with the Lord- learn from His hand through the scriptures every single day.
-Remember my Savior everyday. Use His atonement. Get really good at repenting immediately and everyday.
-Pray for each investigator by name, daily and know their needs. Seek guidance from God!
-Find those with real desire to baptize.
- 20 lessons a week!
-Speak only Russin. Diligently use my time to correct and improve my language. Pray for the gift of tongues! The gift of tongues is long enough to try your faith but fast enough to be a miracle.
-Always seek inspiration then teach by the Spirit
-Have FUN!
-Pray for the people of Eurpose to open their hearts to the gospel. Gather Israel!
-Memorize scritpures and references.
-Adopt culture onto myself

OK I have to go but I love you!
Love KY. PS: We are STL's of 6 sisters again hooray!!

GO WATCH the HALLELUJAH video for easter! IT is amazing!

My Sister Cectpa Young

Me and my sister. In the village outside dimas house waiting for a bus 

Yana and her daughter. Dina and his daughter Alyona.

On Mon, Mar 14, 2016 at 4:42 PM, Kylie Karren <kylie.karren@myldsmail.net> wrote:
Привет! Я Думаю я буду просто писать на Русском сегодня. :)

My thoughts from my studies this week:

I wanted to know how we could reach more people faster because it seems kind of impossbile to reach everyone with just 4 missionaries here. So I was praying and studying and I found some cool things I wanted to share with you today. EXAMPLE:
Alma 26:4 "Behold thousands of them do rejoice and have been brought into the fold of God."

By faith men may bring thousands of souls to repentance. So the key ingredient is FAITH.

How many men does it take to bring thousands of souls to repentance?
-Only a few! The Sons of Mosiah.

How could they do it?
-They had great faith and they "reaped with all their might, all the day long did they labor." -Alma 26:5

I know what kind of missionary I want to be.
I have felt lazy sometimes thinking that I am working really hard but still feel that something is missing.

I want to be like Ammon and his brethren. It is not impossible. All they did to be so special was to humble themselves TO THE DUST and forget their own selves and they gave God full control to work through them.

They were powerful, worthy, happy servants of the Lord.

I believe God can make anything out of me if I let Him, EVEN IN RUSSIAN.

Yes, I have gradually make progression. But now I have only 5 months left on this mission. So, I want to see what God and I can do together.

Am I ready to really and fully and truly give myself up all my little selfish things and do ALL the will of the Lord?
It is time. It has already been time! I have been giving more and more but I wanna just give it all!

I need to help God help His children make it back to Him. He knows this work is more than possible. I want to be His good servant.

I believe in Him when he says if we have faith men  may bring thousands to repentance. LET'S GO!

No turning back.

I am so grateful for the trust and revelation through the scriptures of God!

I love my mission. This week was good. Sister Young has been getting pretty frequent and bad headaches though. Any suggestions? This week we will have a baptism of an 11 year old boy named Dima! IT will be amazing. And we are going to have an exchange in Vinnitsya.
Happy to be here! Have a great week!

-Cectpa Karren

Dima and his family.

Our miracle Dima! He is getting baptized March 19th in a Sauna.  I am so happy!!!!

Another recent convert yana and her daughter and dima with the wooden leg and his daughter our investigator alyona :)


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