Tuesday, March 1, 2016

baptismal date!

Great week! We had a good exchange in Kyiv with the office sisters. I was with Sister Bulseco and she is great! Still pretty new and really fresh and wants to just learn learn learn. It is really good and she really needs the influence of good missionaries who just want to give it all and she will just fly! So that was really great. I did not have any concerns with her at all it was just really nice to serve by her side this week! When we got to the apartment I had the immediate feeling to check the Area Book and it was good! That thing (and they have 2) has not really been updated since August or so! We moved people around and got them to start to organize and realize just by us going through and asking them questions how important it is to update their area book/book of salvation!

It was fun and I got pretty sick Friday but I am all better now and. I just love my calling so much I could just do if forever!!! PLEASE LET ME DO IT FOREVER MOM AND DAD?!?!?!?!?

Ok love you all. Have a good one!

Bye :D

This is Sasha and his family. His wife is the Relief Society president and Sasha is not a member. He has been meeting with missionaries for almost a year now. We are really trying to get him to pray about baptism because he already lives the life of a member but without the promises and blessings of baptism so that is our purpose right now. He has grown a lot even just in the time I have known him and is bearing his testimony about principles of the gospel now when we meet. He loves the book of mormon and loves god just wants time. Soooo we will wait a little bit longer and just keep on working until we get a different revelation for Sasha and what we need to do! 

We visited a recent convert and her sweet daughter drew this for us. It was raining outside and we came in without an umbrella so she drew one so we would not be cold. I am the blonde and the outfits were totally the same as in this photo. ;) So sweet.

This is 11 year old Dima and guess what?!?!?!? BATPISMAL DATE: March 19!!! Pray for this sweet boy and his less active mom so that he can be ready for baptism and his mom can return to church! we love them. His mama cried when she heard that he wants to follow the example of the savior and get baptized! Wahoo!!! It was a wonderful moment. Sister Young and I danced all the way to our next appointment!

Our District and Kyiv temple!  I love to see the temple.

Love, Cectpa Karren

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