Monday, February 22, 2016

things we need to work on.


My update will be small. Monday we had two family home evenings so we needed to take a taxi inbetween. Today will be the same.

My new favorite scripture is Matthew 5:16

We had a zone meeting in Kyiv on Tuesday and Sister Young and I spoke about prayer! It was really great. Our focus for the mission right now is coming closer to christ and gaining a personal relationsihp with him to help others do the same. It was fun to discuss how prayer can help us do that with our missionaries. Sister Young and I also decided to have our sisters share about experiences they have had or seen where prayer has brought someone to christ. It was really cool!

It was Elder Clarks birthday so we stopped at dominoes in kyiv on the way home and it was almost american so that was really fun!

We had a lot of lessons and just bore testimony as much as we could! We have the best investigators in the whole world. I love them. We even did a puppet show to teach the word of wisdom with Alyona and Nazar (those animal finger puppets the ward sent me). They loved it!

We met with members and tried to lift and help people continue on!

We visited Stan and they always take such good care of us and we do some work and we visit with Babooshka Anya who is an invlaid and recent convert and it is the best. They have baby pigs and all sort of other animals on their farm. BY the way. You remember tht photo I took with me and that goat. His name was Hector. He was my Christmas love. He is no longer there. One time we did not go and they had a BBQ with our investigator and his family and the elders. THEY ATE HECTOR. oh my goodness. 

Baby pigs on Stan's farm.  he told me not to squeal or I would scare them.  He knows I get excited!

Sister Young

Love every living creature!

Work on Stan's Farm

We had an increbile lesson about God with our cute Anya (the blonde 21 year old in my birthday pictures) and it was incredible and she is really changing and commited to finally come to church FINALLY!

We can't know the meaning of all things but we know one thing for sure. God loves us! 1 Nephi 11:17

All things denote that God is real! Alma 30:44

We get to have a special relationship with God. He created all, but we get to have a special relationship with him and his children!!!

I got sick at church and Stan took care of me. I slept yesterday and that was sad but sometimes needed.

We met with our Branch President to update him on our progress and ask for what else we can do to help the branch. The most important thing he said is that we all understand and that the members understand that we need to LOVE ONE ANOTHER come what may. We are brothers and sisters. We need to be an example of Christ through our love for each other. We should always try to think good about those around us. Even if it is hard to see good in someone we should search long and hard even for just one thing! compliment them on it! Be kind. Be a child of God. Learn how to love through the examples of the scriptures.

Our Branch Mission Leaders Home and his family.

3 things we all need to work on strengthening.

PRAYER a 2 way communication between us and GOD who is our Heavenly FATHER.

SACRAMENT the symbolism. Preparing BEFORE church to take of the broken bread and water. REALLY thinking of Christ as we partake of his atonement every sunday. Recoginizing his atonement as the miracle it is!

PERSONAL STUDY. Do it. Search. Dont just read. Everday have a moment with the one who created you, gives you life and will and can help you through every single moment of this life if we gain knowledge from Him and ask of Him. We have all the tools to study effectively. So lets work on it and do it better! It is not a burden it is a gift from God. Drop the unimportant stuff and focus on God! He is the priority. There are no excuses. No matter what. You do your studies every single day with God.

I love you! We are all on a journey together. Everyone needs to remember the love of Christ for all of us ESPECIALLY the sinners. He even asked forgiveness from God for those around him who tortured him and in the end killed him. If he can forgive them and love them, then we can work on that too. We are all in this together. MORE LOVE AND LESS CONTENTION in this world will do beautiful things. I love you all.

Talk to you soon! have a good one!


Cectpa Karren


Ice skating with the Young Women in Bila

They are amazing and I was kind of scared (dad you know how I always break something?) So I was standing next to the wall and this cute recent convert I thought did not really like me came over to me and grabbed my hand, gave me a pep talk and then helped me go around the cirlce away from the wall. She told everyone that I was so brave! It was really cute. The one with the dark hair and blonde tips. her name is masha. then we had a great thought with them about prayer! I love them. 

Skating in skirts :)

A recent convert Ira

She is a recent convert who was not at all ready for baptism. She is so poor and has a really hard life but we started teaching her like an investigator because she didn't know anything and she has opened up a lot and her prayers are so sweet.  She is like a little child seeking for truth and I love it.

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