Monday, February 1, 2016

I am 20.

This is response to my questions of what Kylie would do today on her birthday.

My birthday so far has been really good. Elder Kudibergen (Zone Leaders) called me right at 6:30 and sang to me and that was super fun then my companion, Sister young sang, then Sister Ivancovich (my trainee), then our elders in our area ,then a woman from Cherkassy (my first area) just called-  it is amazing that she remembered and she said happy birthday. I feel like a grandma now.  We ate eggs this morning and cleaned the house and came to email. Later we will buy groceries and then eat at a cafe called "House Cafe" we will see if it is yummy.  We will go skittle bowling (with m&m's) and our 2 -21 year old investigators will be with us then we will have fhe with a family and a potential investigator who is also 21. We will contact and try to get a number and get a referall from members and teach another lesson and and give someone a book of mormon. I GOT FLOWERS FROM YOU THIS MORNING?! How did you do that?!

Really quick because I have 2 minutes left!

Thank you for all the birthday wishes! It made my day! I cannot believe I am already 20!

I am learning so much here on my mission. It is the best time of my entire life and I just can not get enough of it!

God really loves his children. I feel it every single day. He lets me feel it for these people we teach and it is such a huge blessing!

This week was great. We were in Kyiv with Elder Klebingat and then Vinnistsya with our sisters on an exchange! wE worked hard hard and will continue to do so!

God is working hard! Hurrah for Isreal!

We are a great part of it all. It is amazing!

Keep going! I love you! Be happy!

Cectpa Karren

Larissa shishkanova, and she's my favorite babushka in all of ukraine:) she's just adorable and so smart and spiritual, i love her! 

Fun Day

Sister Young and me

Scary face masks last P Day

Popcorn Party with my sisters

Because I was still 19 we decided to play on this icy playground. I thought you would enjoy it. Last moments of childhood. ;) Now I am 20. 

Soon Cold!

this is the rebekon's, they're an awesome member family and their conversion story is so cute! remind me to tell ya'll in 8 months! 

Surprise delivery for my 20!

Sister young may have been involved in being my Moms Ukrainian informant.

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