Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Run to Him

This week was QUITE the week. I don't think I've had a week quite like it so far.

How do I start? Well. Satan saw the success, the changes in us and in our area. He knew we were being so diligent, a goal of 20 lessons each week and that we were talking to everyone and seriuosly we were just seeing so many miracles. He did not like that very much. So he came in trying to slam us down.

When God works hard, so does Satan. He does not want success here. But we are with God, so we are stronger. And we just keep going strong. I am not exactly sure how much detail to go into so I will just try to keep it light. There were good things too! We had 2 really cool potential investigators, but one ended up just trying to sell us insurance and the other just wanted to read into Sister Young's dark future that will happen. So they didn't become new investigators BUT we did have 4 other incredible investigators come to Sacrament and we taught 15 lessons and we heard the first prayer of one of our investigators really sweetly praying out loud for the first time. We put together a huge event for the members and our investigators for valentines day and it turned out amazing. It was 5 o clock and no one was there and after all the work we had done we all four (district) almost sat down and cried BUT then over 60 people came! It was amazing and we had such a wonderful spiritual thought and fun games and brownies and banana bread!


Valentine's Party thrown by us missionaries

Sister Young <3

Party Time

Love Day with Tanya
My heart is here

Veronika Prishepchuk

Ivana Prishepchuk

Valentines Party
Gotta have balloons

This is how Ukrainians Party ;)

We pulled it off!

  We felt the Spirit testify through us. We met with two literal angels (our invalids) and we had some pretty serious and sometimes really hard conversations with people that were led from the Spirit. We cried. We laughed. I came to understand the atonement on a new level.

So all in all, the adversary is very real. We need to rememeber that. But also rememer that we are children of God and that He has all power. He will win. We will keep fighting on his team. It is so worth it. I love Him!

A thing I wrote one study after I read about the atonement:

"My hero is Jesus Christ

because He has done everything for us.

He is all love, infinite.

He is all goodness, He forsook sin.

He is all powerful, He fulfilled the demands of justice through mercy.

He is all knowing, He went below all.

He is all kindess, He saved us.

He is all trusting, He is always there for us.

He is all perfection, He was resurrected from the dead.

He is all example, He is the way.

He is all. He atoned.

He is waiting for us.

He is everything, yet all that He wants is a personal relationship with us imperfect beings.

He suffered all, out of pure love for us and the Father.

He promises salvation, exaltation, and purty to all those who come unto Him and believe on His name.

The atonement was performed.

Jesus is the Christ.

We do not comprehend all that He has done.

If we understood we would bow down before Him all the days of our lives in humility, love and infinite gratitude and do all that the Lord, our Savior has asked of us. so that we-sinners- could partake of His infinite, continuous, all powerful, all merciful atonement and be made clean to forever be with Him and to learn of Him, and to love Him.

"If ye love me, keep my commandments."

If you do not feel like you know the Savior- today is the day!


Talk to Him.

Let Him become your very best friend.

He knows how to help you.

He cares about our small and seemingly unimportant personal trials, heart aches and desires.

He KNOWS how to succor His people.

Do not doubt in Him. Do not doubt in His power to heal. To save. To love. To renew. To make whole. To fix. To redeem. To change.

Only through Him can we change our hearts.

Only through Him can we progress.

Only through Him can we return.

A relationship with the very being who makes your life and salvation possible is the most precious thing we can have.

Do you want it?

Take it!

He is waiting.

It is time to come unto Him and know.

I love my Savior. I know that He loves me, you and the entire world, the universe and every single thing that is involved in this glorious plan of happiness.

He knows us.

He has payed the price.


I love you! We work together in the work. We are moving stones.

I love it!

All my love to you! HAPPY LOVE DAY.

💜Cectpa Karren

Welcoming a new elder into our wonderful district. :D
 new Elder in our District he's as green as they come we only speak russian to him. he has never heard any english from us <3
One day we came home, we opened up our apartment  door and in ran this cat. We named her tiger. But in Russian. It was awesome. so we took a picture. contemplated keeping her forever. gave her a bit of some turkey and then let her head on her way out the door. almost broke our hearts. but we survived.

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