Tuesday, February 16, 2016

thoughts on the Atonement for Alpine 12th Ward Young Women

The hardest time on my mission happened to me this transfer. It was heart breaking, devastating, confusing and down right hard. I am by no means perfect, but as I decided to give Christ all of me, to give him my broken heart, to be obedient, faithful, diligent and hardworking as much as I could be, God did something incredible! The heart ache I had that I was sure would eat me up, was gone in just 2 weeks. It was so quick and I whole heartedy believe that it was because I tried so hard to do all that I could for Him, to obey Him, trust Him, love him, and then my realtionship with Christ increased and I was more ready to hear Him, and willing to respond to the prompting form the Spirit and I just felt myself being lifted. My circumstances did not change. God did not take my trial away, but he guided me through it by the hand and through it all I found true joy. We need to remember patience in all that we do and all that we go through. Alma 26:27. We bear our trials with patience and we find joy. We need to talk to Jesus Christ. We need to dedicate ourselves to Him and he will take us by the hand and guide us through. He loves you sisters so much! You can do anything with him! He is waiting for you to act and every time you do he can help you through anything. He lets us go through trials so we can grow but he never leaves us alone. He is with us. All we need to do is turn to him, and recognize him. I miss you all! You are amazing! Missions are amazing and I am so grateful to be a missionary.
"Love your life." -Elder Hinckley

Сестра Кэррен

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