Monday, April 18, 2016

Angels to beckon me...NEARER MY GOD TO THEE

Dearest Family,

I am so happy to write! It feels like a very long time since the last time I wrote. This week has been so full! Full of happiness and greatness and change and it has also been one of the saddest weeks I have ever had in my life. But this week I came to understand the Savior in a whole new level. I have learned so much about Jesus. Angels are around us, and we can literally become angels for others. "Angels to beckon me... NEARER MY GOD TO THEE." We are the helping hands of the Savior to bring people nearer unto God. It is a large and daunting task and it is our pleasure to serve with our Savior Jesus Christ. This week I had real moments of pain for the world, for the bad and the hurt and the pain. This week I also felt the glorious reality of the atonement. This week I had moments were I was filled with power from on high to bring a message to the children of God whom I really love so much. There is so much bad in this world. And Christ suffered for it all. SO THERE IS ALSO SO MUCH LIGHT IN THIS WORLD. Let Christ in. Let Him take away your pain and your grief, your sickness and sins. He already TOOK it, so LET HIM! RELY ON THE SAVIOR AND IN HIS MERCY, in His goodness and His glory. I love my Savior more than anything. I want to know Him. I want to be like Him. I miss HIM! Someday I want to return to Him. 

Great things happened this week as well:
We had a rainy day with Stan and he taught us how to make homemade burgers and colorful popcorn balls. 
We had a family home evening with our branch President and his family and we laughed and testified and talked and really felt at home and that was a miracle because it has been hard to get close to them! 
Leisa hasn't smoked at all this week and she is so tough!
Larissa KNOWS she wants to get baptized and that she NEEDS to and to receive the gift of the holy ghost. The Book of Mormon is her strength through a trial of her husband being against that (please pray he can soften his heart and she can get baptized May 21)
Sasha has a testimony of the Book of Mormon, that Joseph Smith is a prophet, that the church is true and that he needs to get baptized. But he still wants to wait. For nothing. But we will give him his time. (MOM I WILL DO YOUR 21 DAY CHALLENGE WITH HIM... good idea thank you!)
We received transfers and Sister Young is going to Tairova Odessa as an STL! Amazing because we have served the same missions completely! Cherkassy, Odessa, Bila just in different orders. I am so excited for her to meet my people down there! And she will be my STL still! Fun fun! 
We got 6 new investigators and families this week! One family is a family of 6 that lives in a one bedroom room that shares a toilet and a kitchen with many others. They are humble and from Moldovia and most of them even as adults cant even read! So we will teach them how to read through the Book of Mormon and it will be amazing! 
So many new investigators and new things! I am a happy missionary. A little bit scared for transfers. I will be here with another sister I do not know well at all and I just love my Sister Young it will be hard but good. I hope. Thank you for all that you do. Please pray for my people. I love you all so much. 

Love you!
Cectpa Karren 

PS: I am coming home in August. Already decided and talked to President and we agreed that it what I should do! Thank you for praying and loving and letting me choose. I love you all a lot. Be good and have a wonderful week! 

A Rainy Day with Stan

Pictures with members in Bila. LAST BACON photos for Sister young ;P

Cute members 
Ukrainian Dress

More Bila members

The missionaries on the left are staying in Bila and the ones on the right are moving on.

This one member really wanted  us to pose by the piano.  Last Sunday together.

Her last Sunday in Bila. A posed picture by Olga. The usual. ;) And she made us sing along to "Hallelujah" for the thousandth time. sO mUcH fUn

Sister young was here for 10 months. I love her guts and am going to miss her.

                                                    Branch President's Family
Natasha, Sister Young, Ivana, Genadi and me

Sunday night

They forced us to eat so much cake.

Cuteness with Ivana

My creepy comp Sister young ;)

Cool hair one of the young women did on me!

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