Thursday, April 28, 2016

gratitude journal

15 things I Am Grateful For:

1. Family and the opportunity to talk every week.  Parents who are supportive.

2. Languages.  I love Russian and I am grateful I can learn it.

3. Sister Packer calling me just because she felt she should to tell me about my new companion.  She and the President felt a very strong impression I needed to give up being a Sister Training Leader (hard to let me go she said) because they needed to put a strong sister with the weakest.  They trust me and know that I can teach this girl to love the work!  That’s a lot of trust.

4. Red tulips from old Ivan Prishepchuk. Red tulips everywhere!!!

Inline image 3

5. Nachos with jalapenos.

6. Dima wrapped up in Sister Young’s blanket she gave him. (I’m broccoli, he’s chicken and she’s soup) :)

Inline image 4

7. Sun and nature – clean fresh air and new grass for spring. #Park Alexandrea

Inline image 1

8. Prishepchuks and Larissa and Roman came and they were all laughing together.  Grateful for good people who support each other. Larissa also chose a testimony as the most important thing over everything else. She is almost already a member.

Some of our AMAZING investigators!

DAYNARA WANTS TO GET BAPTIZED! she is going to have a baby girl. i love these humans. ALL OF THEM SO MUCH!

9. The love I feel for people even if they are sinning – I can still love and learn how to be more Christ like.

10. Teaching lessons. Helping children of God to remember Him!

11. The gift of the Holy Ghost. I feel it and really understand how I feel it and how to use it and refining the ability to recognize and act accordingly.

12. 5 Investigators drove all the way up to Kyiv with us, plus 2 more potentials. WOW- they all LOVED conference.

13. I can understand Ukrainian too.

14. My companion actually does care what I say and when I lift and cheer her on and focus on her she can get through her hard moments.  She is learning the power of hard work, diligence and fighting fatigue!

15. Really starting to get to know my companion.  We even laughed together.  Thank goodness for companion inventory.  I am going to learn a lot and we are going to be friends. I already genuinely love her because I choose to.  She didn’t even nap today or complain about it and we went running in  the morning to get her going.

Cectpa Karren

P.S. This is my hedgehog Ferny who Sister Young and I found in the dark.  We pet him and I love love love Ferny! He is a cutie pie!

This companion is my best friend in the whole world. I love her and miss her and am so grateful for all that she taught me. I am different because of her! GO SISTER YOUNG IN ODESSA! WAHOO! 

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