Tuesday, May 3, 2016

trials are our greatest blessing

I used to think my parents would give me hard tasks that felt like trials sometimes. I often felt like I just was not going to be able to achieve or overcome. Things that when I was younger were so so hard for me! They would push me to do things like speak in front of people, or play the piano in front of people. They pushed me to do anything that would get me out of my comfort zone and stretch me. I thought I would surely die before I could accomplish the hard "trials" they had placed in my path. I am sure that they gave me these kinds of experiences because they knew how much I needed it. How I would be better because of it. How I would grow strong through it all and be stretched more than I could imagine. They saw the bigger picture. One that at the time of my terror and confusion, was invisible to me. They knew I needed those trials in my life. THEY HAVE BLESSED ME everyday since.

It seems to me that is a lot how God thinks. We as His children are all young to Him. We as His children need to be molded and shaped through trials and moments of serious pushing. Only when He tests us and pushes us to our very limits do we understand just how far we have come from where we were before. Only through these seemingly MASSIVE trials do we become strong. And just like me in my youth with loving parents who would push me- we sometimes think maybe God has overdone it with this trial- we really are not going to make it through this time because we will most likely die first... it is too hard, too long and too overwhelming. But our loving Father in Heaven sees the whole picture. He sees what we do not see. He see's how playing the piano in front of people and speaking in front of people will in the end make us even stronger, even make us into leaders. He knows what we think is impossible, is indeed POSSIBLE.

And just like as a young girl, every time I overcome these HUGE trials in my life I feel stronger, better, and confident that I CAN DO HARD THINGS. The trials of my life have become my biggest blessings.

I am sincerely grateful to a God who stretches us to reach our full potential. I know that we can do anything with Him. He is proving that to me each week on my mission.

I love Ukraine more than I could ever express. It has my heart and this mission is the best gift God has ever given me. It has also been the hardest thing I have ever done. All that is left to do now each day is to embrace each new trial and JUST LET GOD MOLD ME, AND LOVE IT.

I love you all. Have a wonderful week! HAPPY EASTER FROM UKRAINE!

"Иисус Воскрес! Во Истинну воскрес!" Jesus is RISEN! IN TRUTH HE IS RISEN. Everyone on the streets says this to each other to greet one another on Easter. Then they all kiss on the cheeks. I love this place. I love my Savior I know that He lives and HE LOVES YOU! Don't forget it.

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