Thursday, May 19, 2016

ukraine is my home.

May 16, 2016

THIS WEEK WAS MY 1 YEAR in UKRAINE! I spent the day back in Tairova Odessa with my best friend and sister, Sister Young. Seeing her was like a breath of fresh air and we laughed and smiled more that day then I have in weeks. It was like a giant gift from God on my year mark in Ukraine! I felt like I came home! I love my Taiorva. It honestly was really amazing to see that I really indeed made a difference there, because when I was there sometimes I really doubted it. I SHOULD HAVE doubted less!! and just loved more. We met with so many wonderful people and members and less actives and re-actives and investigators. But the best part of all was that my family of investigators I taught down there ALL got baptized this Saturday. That is truly the biggest blessing. They followed their Savior and now get to endure to the end and be together! ALSO I got to see Danya. Remember the little boy that got baptized 3 days after I left Odessa? We got to see him and he hugged me so much and would not let go. We gave them a spiritual thought and he was testifying about Christ saving us and he said, "Christ wants to save all of us, but especially Karren." It was so cute.My heart absolutely melted. I told him sorry I could not be at his baptism and he told me that I was there in spirit and he felt my love. I love that little boy and his brother. His brother has gone inactive but committed to go to church. He wants to feel the Love of Christ again in his life. SO MUCH JOY!

My Sister Young!


We got caught in the rain!

MY SISTER YOUNG! We are so wet!

MY SWEETEST DANYA In THE WHOLE WORLD. he kills me. just look at him!!!!! 

One of my favorite families that is so so strong!

Vlad and Danya

Daynara is rapidly progressing and I love her with my whole heart! Her husband is now on lessons with us and is learning and praying with her. This is a real miracle because he was NOT religious and NOT interested earlier but is really changing a whole lot! They have a little disagreement about baptizing their baby that is going to be born in August. Daynara understands that she does not want to baptize the baby because it does not count, but it is tradition and Dima wants to. They will work it out. Something I am loving is how much the spirit is able to speak through me. I love teaching so much and I really feel that God has given me a gift to be able to do that. I LOVE TEACHING SO SO MUCH. I love it when I can see that they felt something and are going to change and going to take on commitments and come closer to Christ. It is the best feeling in the world!

English/cookies after English class because we had a FIELD TRIP!

Larissa can not get baptized this Saturday like planned. She is ready but we cant have it because her husband is so against it that he told her he will start drinking alcohol again if she gets baptized. It broke my heart for her. It is not right. But even with a trial of her faith she believes in miracles and in the fact that eventually he will let her get baptized. She is fasted and I did too and she will do all the things members do until she can get baptized. She is an amazing example!

President received revelation for all of the missionaries. We should read the Book of Mormon cover to cover before the apostle Elder Ballard gets here! I love President and his revelations and I think this is spot on and awesome and will really spiritually strengthen us and ready us and bring us closer together and to the lord! So I am in 2 Nephi and we have had just 2 days of this challenge so far! Elder Ballard and the whole Eastern European Presidency is coming on June 10-12. AMAZING RIGHT?

Great week and we will continue forward. I love you and miss you all! LOVE
Cectpa Karren

Family Home Evening Veriniki making!

I broke my fast. JK - we just really needed to take out the trash.

Saying Goodbye to the wonderful Callisters (office couple) whom I love soooooo much!

My family of investigators from Odessa got baptized. The little girl in purple was baptized a couple weeks ago. Such a huge blessing. 

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