Monday, May 9, 2016

book of mormon

THIS WEEK I FINISHED THE BOOK OF MORMON IN RUSSIAN. What a blessing to have had the opportunity to read the truest book on the earth in another language. And the most amazing part?! I understood it all. It even sometimes meant MORE. I learned so much from reading it aloud in Russian. It is absolutely beautiful and I know that she is true. It really is my absolute favorite book and it is our guide home to our kind Heavenly Father. I love Him too! He is wonderful to give us so much guidance and love everyday in our lives! Every single page in the book of Mormon is filled with power and wisdom from on high. I learn so much from her each day. The Book of Mormon is TRUE and I know that every time I open her. How lucky are we to have her? She is another testament of our Lord and Savior our older brother, our advocate and our redeemer and best friend. I want to read and read and read her and just really know her. In English and Russian and maybe even in Ukrainian. I would like to read the Book of Mormon again in Russian by the end of my mission. I think I could read it faster now that I have done it once. ;)

This week was a good tough one! The best part was getting to talk to my sweet family on Mothers Day! MOMS out in the world? I AM SOOOOO GRATEFUL FOR YOU. Thank you for giving us life and support and happiness every single day. You are so important and I am so grateful for you. Someday my goal is to be as good as a mom as my mom is. Even since I was little that was my dream: to be a mom! It is the best calling and job and responsibility from on HIGH. All of the moms that I know have been examples and love for me! Thank you for your light and love and just for everything that you do! I love you! Especially you mom. You are my favorite in the whole wide world!!!

Sister Bairett with her violin


Dima and his plan of salvation


Have a wonderful week!
Cectpa Karren
I love tulips

A cool church in Ukraine
I want to wear this badge forever!
Ukraine in Spring
Some baptisms in the cold cold river this week. Amazing!

Members baptizing their children

 such a special day.
This branch is the very best!  In all of Ukraine ;)

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