Tuesday, May 3, 2016

mission pics bila tserkva

Stan calls us the BLONDE BOMBSHELLS

This is Dan the Dog

This was a really cute dog until he ate me. All up and down my arms and legs. But still cute. 


English class where we talked about the garden of eden and the creation of people. they all drew this wonderful picture. it was so fun and they are the cutest! I am so thankful for them

 At Stans' our job was to find trees and turn them into marshmallow sticks so we could roast marshmallows.

Big Fire Grandma

WE take our marshmallow roasting seriously. "BIG FIRE GRANDMA." sorry sister young you missed out on the fire. Stan felt bad that the PYRO could not be there with us  ;)

I LOVE Stan!  He told me I am like a daughter to him!

we got these baby sticks and he was like ohhhhh no that will not do. you are going to die from the heat. so i had a small tree. 10 feet long and it was killer!!!!! still so hot! Stan told me at church I am like a daughter to him. I could have cried. It was something I needed to hear. 

Just a little firewood for our "SMALL" Fire!

Valentina had to go home a little early but Larissa was an amazing missionary. We visited her last week and as we walked out I had a thought come into my head: TAKE THEM TO PREACH THE GOSPEL and I thought how?! Then another thought. Do a book table near there house. We lugged heavy boxes and a table from the church all the way to her house and then the elders went and got Larissa and Valentina and brought them to the table and we contacted everyone and gave away 10 books of mormon and they testified! It was really so amazing. Larissa is such a good sport and is always happy. She loves being in the sunlight like I do. They never get to leave their houses. It was incredible and GUESS WHAT? 
Larissa told me after she has been praying for a long time that God would inspire us to take them preaching with us. And the Holy Ghost told me! I love the promptings of the Holy Ghost. It was an amazing day. 

My Larissa

Member Proselyting

My new companion Sister Bairett

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