Thursday, May 21, 2015

just for you guys :)

An email just for you guys this week :) 

Seeing you guys was the best and a reassurance that you are real and love me! I always know that but when you are gone you start to think maybe you are just crazy and you are making your family up. ;) No really though, they usually don't have missionaries see their families because they think it hinders them and makes it harder for missionaries. I don't feel that way. It gave me an extra boast to see you and talk to you and still be a missionary and then I get to head to Ukraine in 4 days time. It was pretty epic. Plus I get to talk to you all again on Sunday for 30 minutes. PS I will be calling at 3:15 Sunday until 3:45. 

Deed yesterday I forgot to ask you how work was doing? Update me please? 
Also dad do you think Scott would read my big emails if he was on the list? Or that maybe I could send missionaries to him? I want him to come back. My heart is really aching for him right now and I am not sure why. Maybe no to all of the above but just know I am praying for him because I just want him to realize he can come home and that he needs to. 
How is grandma doing?

So glad the boys got to hear my testimony in Russian and I AM SO PUMPED TO HEAR THEIR VOICES. Tell Bridger I got his dragon and it is literally amazing. Because of him my whole district decided to be dragons now. EPIC. 

You are all such good examples to me. Life is busy and life is hard but yet you decide to continue to read together in the morning, to talk as a family and eat together, to love one another, and though we all make mistakes, whether big or small I am proud of you all for learning the process of repentance. We all need to repent always, and how beautiful it is we have the opportunity. I used to think repentance was such a scary thing. Especially when you would make the same mistake over and over. Sometimes you feel so guilty it is hard to get down on your knees. But being here and speaking with investigators and studying and learning and trying to become more like my Savior I am starting to understand what a beautiful thing repentance is. Of course you feel gross BEFORE you repent. Your soul is good and does not like it. The feelings of guilt cause you to want to do something to fix it, and then you get on your knees and you pray. When you are praying I don''t know about you but I feel so much peace. Like Heavenly Father is so proud and happy that you are trying to be a better person. Then when you are forgiven it is the best most happy feeling in the world.  Repentance to me feels like this: It is like you have been working hard all day in the hot sun and you are sweaty and dirty, and you come home exhausted and you take a nice shower and you get all clean, then you sit down to a home cooked meal with the people you love. Repentance is happiness and it is joy. Never be afraid to repent. Because it is wonderful and an amazing gift that because God knows we are imperfect He gives us a way to come home.

Well. I don't have much else to say but I am SO EXCITED FOR UKRAINE. I am finally getting to go to this place I keep dreaming about and loving more than life itself. I get to meet her and her people and I get to talk about my favorite thing in the whole world which brings me the most happiness. God's children are made for the stuff of eternities. So let's get going bringing his children home to Him. Our father in heaven is in this work. I truly know that it is His and how glorious it is. I love you all. 

I will talk to you soon. FOR REALS! 

Love Ky

PS scariest email of my life today. I want to smack this elder. Before he left the MTC he found me fasinating I don't know why and asked me for my email like 8 times in many roundabout ways. So finally I gave it to him. He is in Cambodia and he is nice but there is just no chance. So mostly he just sends weekly stuff out to everyone but today he sent me this. First he calls the subject BEAUTY and just gag. Second the reason he wants to get to know me it beacuse I am pretty and cool?! WHAT DOES A LIFETIME FRIENDHSIP EVEN MEAN. and his two main reasons suck. and he doesnt know this but my heart is SO ELSEWHERE AND HE IS A missionary so why even try?! My goodness. I am not writing back. End of rant. Enjoy his stupid email. 

Hey! I just wanted to write you a short little email about you. Being here in Cambodia has made me realize how attractive people are just about everywhere else in the world. And I thought about how pretty you are and how cool you are! Don't ever feel like you aren't pretty enough because you are beautiful! 
     I know this email is out of the blue but I feel like I should tell you that. It's very true. I hope to be able to make our friendship last a lifetime for multiple reasons but the two main reasons are because of how cool you are and how pretty you are. 
     I hope everything is going well. What's going on in your world? How's life outside of the third world country of Cambodia? Also, I want to get to know you more as a person so tell me about some of your interests! Good luck in life! Hope to hear back soon. 
      Love, Elder Lamborn

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