Tuesday, May 12, 2015



So Ukraine is real. And I am really here!!!!! So sad I could not call in the airport. We tried for about an hour and our "International Calling Cards" don't actually work is what we discovered. So we didn't get  to call and that put a damper on things. But the flights were good. We travelled forward in time which was crazy! I am so so tired. We got here yesterday in the afternoon and we went contacting in this gorgeous park where Elder Packer dedicated Ukraine for the work of the Lord many years ago. It didn't go so well when I started to speak Russian to a man who quickly stood up, only wanting to speak Ukrainian. All well. The President stepped in and helped me out. Today I am going to meet my trainer. I already know who she is. Her name is Sister Fedas. She is a native Russian and it is her last transfer (I am so scared) but I am also so excited. I just wanted to send you a quick email letting you know I am alive and well. Ukraine is magical. It is so green and there are plants here I have never seen. We are all doing well. I am going to a city called Cherkassy it is about 3 and a half hours south of Kyiv, and 2 hours from Odessa. I have already been asked to accompany someone at our zone conference next week in front of a 70! I actually don't know if I can even play the song so I may have to say no. awkward. MOM AND DAD I AM IN UKRAINE. 8 MONTHS I HAVE BEEN IMAGINING THIS. I AM FINALLY HERE. THIS PLACE IS MY NEW HOME AND I AM GOING TO SPEAK RUSSIAN AND TELL PEOPLE ABOUT GOD AND HIS SON. CRAZINESS. I AM EMOTIONAL PROBABLY BECAUSE I AM SO TIRED. The President is amazing. His family is adorable and I know I am going to learn so much from him. He is so personable and so in this work. Everyone he runs into he speaks to about the gospel. He tells them, "It is your lucky day! Do you want to know why? Because these missionaries have a special message that will bless your life forever." Grateful to be here. So nervous I can hardly stand it. LET'S DO THIS! GAME ON. 

I hope you are all doing well. Can't wait to hear from you.

сестра кэррен

PS: Mom I had to send some stuff home and it made me so sad. They only took 50 pounds on the airline we were going to so i would have had to throw stuff away and I couldn't do that. Go through it and see what may be important to send to me? I am so sorry! I don't think I will need the straightener (maybe) because it is so humid my hair is curly. See what you think. I love you!!!!!\\\I 

I LOVE YOU GUYS THE MOST!!!!!! Thanks for being the best family in the whole world.

President and Sister Packer
Sister Young Sister McDermott Sister Rubio
Kyiv Ukraine Temple

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