Monday, November 2, 2015

journal entries this week

October 26, 2015

Another P-Day in Odessa Tairova because I did not get transferred.  I will finish training.  I love this area with all my heart and seriously cant even think about leaving.  It’s my home and these people are my people.

This week was hard but fulfilling.   I always knew missionary work meant work.  It is all about finding the joy and working along side God, and then it is more than just “working.”  It is a pleasure and a privilege.

I am always grateful for a well-awaited P-Day to get to communicate with my family.  Their diligence, hard work, love, support, prayers, and sacrifices help me and this work so much.  They are some of my special angels helping to open people’s hearts and eyes here through prayer.

I LOVE PRAYER.  It connects us to God and connects us all together.  Greatest gift ever!  As I am writing this I feel REALLY GOOD.  I am on a spiritual high from the 2 family home evenings with some less actives, actives, and even one member family fellowshipping our investigator family.  We gave a killer object lesson and committed to baptism – SOON.  Then Grandma Tatyana (one of my all time heroes) bore her testimony and story of finding and accepting the church through true Joyful change through prayer and the atonement and gaining a true and personal relationship with the Savior.  It wasn’t an easy path – but she knew it was right. I love her. Lena came over tonight SO excited because she picked up her Book of Mormon today and just couldn’t stop reading it.  How amazing is that?  I love God.  He is working miracles.  I’m so happy!

October 29, 2015

I went to the Dr. They probed at my stomach, did an ultra sound.  It all hurt but everything looks ok.  I have a lot of inflammation and my bowels and intestines are disturbed.  So I will basically cut FOOD out of my diet and take a whole bunch of medicine and see how it goes.  Sister Ivancovich was pumped to see my “1st” ultrasound.  Hahaha!

The sun was out therefore it was a beautiful day.  Later tonight we had ward family Home evening and they even pushed it back for us to go get our investigators.  We are so lucky to serve here and be with these people. I love my Jesus Christ.  He is so good.

The members were all so adorable and worried about my stomach and me. I have a lot of prayers and love.  My heart is so full.  I never want to leave…this work is Paradise.  

November 1, 2015

Aaah it is November. Today was Sunday.  About every other Sunday I get all stressed out because of what I witness at church.  It is not something that can be explained  - it has to be experienced to feel.  We are responsible for a lot of people here.  Of course they determine their own salvation BUT we do have stewardship for our area.  Never in my have I lived so completely for others.  I notice MORE than ever and I do get that “I’m responsibel kind of feeling.”

God amazes me.  How is it that he can be so patient with all of His children and never give up on ANY of us – after we CONTINUALLY do so much wrong or always turn away from him?  He never gets impatient or says, “That’s enough.”  He is steady, strong, and perfect. I love Him so much.  He does all I could never do.

Sister Karren

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