Monday, November 2, 2015

letter to mom

Thank you for praying for me. You know you are a really good mom right? You have such amazing faith you are such an amazing example to me. dad needs to remember that Satan wants us to feel angry and discouraged. We should always look to God first. MOM DONT DOUBT YOUR FAITH OR WHAT YOU felt and knew was from God. Ever. 

I love this talk. Read it when you have some time. :)

Thank you for all the scriptures. I wrote them all down and I will search them out more and more this week. You are so inspired. I love you. 

thank you for taking the time to think of all this too. I know this is a big trial for us all. But mom God needs us to be strong and to learn and you are learning so much. I can see it. What better way to grow and to grow a real relationship with each other and strengthen our family and relationship with God and Jesus Christ than through trials. This includes more than just me. This is for us all. I love you and miss you but I want you to know that your faith and prayers are working! So far we have found what else I can do to get better! And that is a huge step! I am doing well and being taken care of by my family, angels, God, missionaries, branch memebers, President and his wife, doctors and everyone. I am one lucky girl. I love you so much!! You are my best friend and hero and I love that this is helping us grow together even more. Be safe and be good and keep the faith!

You are amazing!!!!!!!

Have a wonderful week. 

Cectpa Karren 

I got a sweet calendar...

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