Monday, November 16, 2015

we almost gave a chastity lesson to a bunch of babushka's

I am sorry if this one is a little bit shorter. Everything is really good here. Our church was broken into this week and our computers were stolen so we are at an SKETCHY internet cafe and we do not have that much time. I have so many photos but I will have to wait to send them all until a day when we have computers that can do that. 

This week was one of the best, and hardest weeks of my mission. I realized that although it is so hard and it takes ALL of me and all of my heart to do this work, I NEVER want to leave. I am almost half way through and this is all I want to do for the rest of my life. How can I almost be halfway through? I just love being a missionary. Time is moving way faster that I like. Because I am finally at the point when I have just given my heart to these people. I wanted to tell you all that I can not return but I knew that maybe that would make you sad. Of course I want to see you all again, I know I have to go back I just don't want to leave Ukraine. This time is so special and like nothing else. It is already sacred ground for me. God is here. And it is purely marvelous miracle time. 

This week I learned a lot! And this week I had an english fast! I did it and my Russian deffinitely increased in even just the small time I gave up english. It was so worth it. It was a sacrifice I should have made a long long time ago! 

We got to do some fun things this week: 
Monday was zoo day with the Sisters in Center and I literally have the most awesome photos. But after we left the zoo I got really sad. Dad you know how I am about animals and these ones were SO sad. It was such a soviet zoo. One animal all pent up in a tiny cage just suffering. So me and the french sister morned while our companions had a grand ole ball. 
Later this week we went bowling with 2 investigators and a less active which was also a lot of fun. I met one of their sons and he is 9 and named Andrei and he was so cute and so helpful I almost ate him. 
Also we went to the opera and took a cute girl with us and it was MAGICAL inside. 

My favorite moment of the week:
Visited a semi-active family. (Roma our investigators family). They consist of mom and dad who are inactive, Olya active and almost 19, Igor 14 also active, Roma 9, Rita 4. We went over and tilled their other garden in the dark and then we made american chocolate chip cookies (or attempted to) in their Ukrainian oven. It was really awesome because after a while it was the entire family sitting on the floor of this tiny kitchen all together and I was coloring with Rita and we were helping Igor with atononmy in english and then we taught this spiritual thought that was incredible. So many times on this mission I have seen the spirit speak through me and my companion. I am bolder than I ever could have been and when I invite people I always know that it is Jesus Christ inviting them to do something through me. We were bold and told them they need to return to church and they knew it. We will continue to work on it. 

Also Danya who is our 8 year old investigoator who was supposed to get baptized but didnt come to church last week came to church sunday. We were so nervous he would be so upset because when we talked to his mom and grandma they were livid with us thinking we had messed everything up. We got to church and this sweet boy was in his best suit and a nice white shirt and black tie and he stood up on the stairs and said sisters I have prepared a speech for you all week!! It was in english and he said, " Hello Sisters. My name is Daniel. I am 8 years old. I like chocloate (long pause) icecream. And I love my family." HE WAS TOTALLY ok and he is more ready, more reverant and more tough and he will be a great member inDecember 12. We set such a far date because president told us he is sending Elder Kudibergen back down here next transfer and the family loves him so he will baptize him. Everything is well.

Also I gave another 10 minute talk this week! and they told me that i am sounding almost like a native! That was a huge complement. Russian has been so hard for me. ALSO we ALMOST gave a chastity lesson in relief soceity to a bunch of grandmothers. BUT the cute 20 year old 1 week overdue Relief Society President Liza came at the last minute and saved the day! Dodged a bullet there... ;)

We visited a lot of members and lots of less actives and lots of investigators. They all need your prayers and your faith that they can continue to change their lives. Things are pretty hard right now. War, economically and all. But these people are tough and God will not forget them.

I love you! Have a wonderful week. We may get to go to Kyiv for a Sisters conference this week I hope!


Love, Cectpa Karren 

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