Sunday, November 1, 2015

TRANSFER TOP TEN: first transfer of training

October 26, 2015

1. I got hit on by a girl
2. Nice evening, 1st transfer experience for Sister Ivancovich tracting a large apartment complex. Fought our way in past the grandma guard, and everything was going good, when suddenly a nice man with his manly atheist tatoo pulled out his gun on us.
3. Nataliya! Pure miracle and contact in Kyiv she was an answer to a prayer and now investigating the church. (Plus she thought I was native Russian #sweet)
4. Sometimes Sisters come to visit and one of them throws up on your floor and you and your companion both simultaneously step in it, then deep clean your feet in the moldy bathtub. 
5. We have a baby cactus named "waggle"
6. Literally dug a cat out from under a building. So basically we saved it's life and then just contacted with it for 2 hours. #Bookofmormonorcat 
Then we had to abandon it in front of a hair salon. #goodmothers
7. Becoming professional knitters with our Babooshka Tatyana #weareliterallyobsessedwithher
8. Our apartment is only a little bit dangerous and full of fleas so obviously we will still be living here. 
9. Seen at least 20 videos of one of our investigators belly dancing
10.As a treat for being good the primary children get to watch Jehovah's witness videos. #someoneneedstotalktothemediachurchdepartment

This week was amazing. This area has really been quiet dead and hurting for a year. AND GUESS what? God is REALLY WORKING HERE. And I get the privilege of being a long for the ride and to work with him. My companion is seriously amazing. This week we had a goal of 20 lessons, maybe that seems small for all of you, but seriously we usually mostly contact. We had 13 AMAZING spirit filled lessons with people asking how on earth we knew exactly what they needed to hear from us. We had to have a hard conversation with a family this week to push back a baptism for Danya (the little boy in the photo below) and we really had to call this family to repentance (to change) and I was so nervous. This week I was more of the BOLD missionary that I want to be. I invited so many people to CHANGE and the amazing thing is that with the love of Christ working through us when we invite people to do these things, I feel it really comes from God. It does not offend people. the branch, the investigators, everything here is changing and it is indescribable. I am a missionary. I know this gospel is true. IT CHANGES PEOPLES LIVES. It CHANGES MY LIFE EVERY SINGLE DAY. God is real. I also got to give a 12 minute talk on following the example of Jesus Christ. I wrote it all in Russian this time without first writing it in english then translating. IT went really well and for the first time we had 43 people in sacrament! THAT IS AMAZING. I get to stay here for another transfer, finish training and I never want to leave this area. I love it so so much. Missionary work, is work, and this work is changing my life for the better. I love you all and you are all amazing. have a great week! 

сестра Кэррен
Our little boy Danya

#bookofmormonorcat ???

rescuing cats

Our District

We are real RUSSIANS. Cheese!


Our Babushka Tatyna taught us how to knit.

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