Tuesday, July 12, 2016

my last transfer!

The fourth of July part was a hit. So many people came. It was a good PDAY!
We made pancakes until we died. Red. White. And Blue. Happy Brithday America. I am so grateful for the freedom I have. That I can choose what I believe. I believe in Christ! I know that He is our Savior. We are blessed to be on the promised land. We get to help gather Israel. It is our sacred duty. We had a ton of fun.

Red, white and blue pancakes of course!

We sang the National Anthem as a small 4 part choir.

Daynara is still waiting on her husband. But Dima finally had a breaking moment in our lesson on Tuesday. He finally wants to ask God a few questions. He needs to know. This is the first time in his life he has wanted to ask god a question. We are praying he really will. he wanted to cry and he felt something powerful. I do believe they are one reason I am staying here in Bila.

So I guess the secret is out now. I received my last transfer news. After days of crying and thinking that I was not going to be able to stay here and trying not to say goodbye, we got the call from President Packer Saturday morning. He told us that sister Arnell will be leaving and I will be staying and training a new sister. I will train her to train in 6 weeks time. We will also be Sister Training Leaders together. I am so excited I could die. I guess that it was the answer to the members prayers here too. I have already become a part of their family. I have almost served half my mission here. They are so amazing. They all prayed I would stay because they told me I am their immediate duaghter, that my work is not done and that I am their SUN. That is so sweet I could cry. Mom and dad you HAVE to come back with  me I already told my family here that we would.

i used to wonder why I did not have talents like the talent to be called to travel to Kyiv to sing or do other things the missionaries do. But it is ok. I have a different talent. I do have the talent of love and service in my area and I get ot learn more about God's miraculous children through that. I also have a surprising talent of leadership. I am supposed to be a leader here and learn from those I have responsibility for. I know that God has given me great talents and they are different from others so we can all work together. i am grateful for one more transfer on the mission so that I can keep developing and serving. It will be the best transfer yet.

Yesterday church was a miracle. So many past investigators and new non members showed up at church. Families are getting ready to be taught, to be baptized. I get to stay in my home of Ukraine. She is the best place. I love my mission. People have hard lives. We get to be their light. Let them know about Jesus through the light in your eyes, through a kind word or a warm  smile. Everyone needs more love.

i am in love with Ukraine. Thank goodness god let this happen to me. I will forever be grateful! I am ready to start my last transfer and make a difference right by my Saviors side! KEEP PRAYING AND READING AND GOING TO CHURCH or I will come after you. Got it. K cool. Love you all so much!


Cectpa Karren

This is just so us. I love this sister of mine. I never had sisters. Now because of my mission I have many.

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