Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Pics of Meet the Missionaries Presentation

My presentation to meet me!

We got caught in some serious rain!

Dima pretended to die. :)

This is my Tanya. A recent convert of 2 years who wants to go on her mission. These past couple days have been some of the best in my entire mission. I got to do a 2 day mini mission with Tanya Barton. She said I was an answer to her prayers. But really she was an answer on mine. I have learned and grown and pushed so much in just 2 days with her. Don't we just LOOK LIKE sisters?! I saw so many miracles I really really got to know an incredible daughter of GOD who really needed this chance to go on a mini mission. It is beautiful how God works it all out. Tanya is still growing in the church but aren't we all? She is an amazing example or pure love for others. I want to e like her. I just cant get over just how blessed I am to serve here. I give, but God gives me so much more. my tanya is a doll and a half and all I needed was 2 days with her and I just adore her and know that even through her trials God absolutely loves her and is so so proud. She is going to be with us much more on lessons. I LOVE HER! Just look at her and you can see how cute she is.

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