Monday, August 31, 2015

honest email to president

Also this is my honest email to president:

Dear President,

I have a few questions for you. 

First, there is a boy here in this branch named Roma. He is 9 years old and his family are all members. He has 2 older siblings who are so active who both want to go on missions. His parents are inactive and do not want to meet but don't mind us coming over to meet with the kids. We want to go over and do service and maybe that will slowly wear them down. But I am concerned because this boy has not been baptized, and I do not know what to do about it, or what the protical for that is? I need some help. Do we teach him even though his family is members? Why has he not already been interviewed and baptized? Do we get him an interview and then the the President decide if he is ready or not? He is an adorable little boy who comes to church every week. He has some social things, but really he is just a wonderful human and my heart aches for this little boy. Baptism is essential to salvation. Please help me know what to do?

Also since last meeting I have a few concerns. 
It is just hard not to let expectations drop. We get kicked out of houses 100% of the time we try to knock doors. Everyone in our area book says too busy and all our investiagtors are really busy or disapearing. We had a baptismal date with that Vika who was in the church since she was 5 and now that she is 18 and wanted baptism so bad has just disapeared, will not answer the phone or anything or come to church for 3 weeks. We saw her once on the street and she said she still wants to get baptised and asked to meet the next day, she did not come, she also promised to come to church and did not. We try to work with the members here in Tairova but this week it has been insanely hard. The ones that are willing to help are really busy and the rest do not want to help OR meet with us. I loved what you told me about working with the members and that is what I want to do but they are being hard right now. We did have a good service project this week that bonded a bunch of them and the Mini MTC helped at least one member see that contacting and missionary work is hard. She was one who told us she was too busy to help us with the work but after seeing how hard it was for herself she told us that it would just be better if missionaries worked through the members! We know! That is exactly what we want to do. So I am at least excited about that. I will keep working and we will try to meet and do training and stuff of how to share the gospel and all teh wonderful advice you shared with me with strengthing their families. Most of the families here are really struggling. I am not sure why. But I want to help.

There are good things too sometimes, I just dont know how to fill up the days. It is really hard to wander around the city all day everyday when everything gets cancelled and no one wants to meet- not investigators or members. I know that some weeks are better than others, but this is just this week. 

Also I wanted to give you a heads up because you asked in my interview about my health. The doctor has prescribed me to take "the Bomb" because he thinks I have something not so great going on in my stomach. So this week will be an interesting one. Praying I will get better fast because all I want to do is work! It is hard for me not to work!

I love Sister Kokoreva so much and am so grateful to have had the oppurtunity to serve with her. She will build Ukraine. She is a strong member and I hope the 2 week mini mission helped to strength her and to prepare her for the rest of her life. Thank you for that opportunity. She was the best mini missionary ever. I love Ukrainians! 

We also had a split this week and my comp Sister McDermott went back with Sister Novikova and it was pretty hard for her. I am grateful for all the sisters though, and all we need to learn from them.

Sorry for way too much information. You are the best! Praying for your family.

-Sister Karren
President and Sister Packer and Family

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