Monday, August 24, 2015

the reality of ukraine

I can't ever leave this place. The gorgeousness of the country, the farms, the Russian Ukrainian crazy mix. People who are God's children who don't even know it. And that is why I am here. To remind them. Everyday I see shacks barely standing-and many call it home. I see people marching on throughout the day with sad eyes in a war torn country and a sad world. They fight for their lives. I see people sleeping on the hard ground in every city, people who dig in the trash just to find some food. I see this all with my own eyes. I see old people wondering the streets with crooked backs, walking along with stale bread to feed the birds. It makes me smile. There was a man who sat on the ground in same spot everyday, and everyday we would pass by, and he would always say hello with a smile, yet he has nothing but that spot on the ground. I didn't even get to say goodbye. I see loving people beneath hard masks because of the daily battle they face-sometimes they feel they can do nothing else, but turn to the drugs, and the alcohol; anything just to take the edge off. Yet the people keep moving along day by day. I see hard working people who just yearn to be free. I see malnourished children with the biggest hearts in the world, who flock to us if all we do is just smile their way; they throw their arms around us-yearning for love and light in their darkened world. I see parents worn to the bone-who just can't feed or can't help their children. Though sometimes they come off indifferent- I have seen their tears. Our job may seem large. How do we fix a broken, yet beautiful world, full of the most precious of God's children? In reality our job is just small, I know because God truly does the work here. I know that God loves these people. Every person in Ukraine. Amidst all the bad, I see Him here and He is good. His work is love. Ukraine is love for me. God cries with His children when they cry. He laughs and rejoices with them too. This place is changing me. I would not have it any other way. I am just beginning to see through the eyes of God. And this is the place I choose to call my home. 

I love you guys so much. I hope this doesn't make anyone upset. I just wanted to write about the world I see everyday, with my own eyes. It has a lot of sad but really I am so happy to be here. There is so much good and so much beauty to be seen here. These people here are beautiful. The Saints are faithful. We are gathering the chosen. And it is the very best work. Feel free not to send this on if it is a little bit to heavy. It is mostly just for you and the family anyway. It is just a peek into this place I really do love to call home. My heart is changing so much. And I really would not choose another path. Everyday I pray for the strength to keep going, not to let myself unravel. Because I am here doing what God wants me to do. Love is the essence of the gospel. And above all my weaknesses (I have SO MANY), I know that I am capable of love. Love is the answer. Love will save the world. and Jesus Christ has saved the souls of men, all out of love. LOVE is this gospel. Love is everything. 

I love you guys. This week was another great one. So much has happened and I just don't have time to tell you all. So it is on to another week! I am praying for you. WE CAN DO THIS! Have a great one.

Love always, 

Сестра Кэррен

Got to see our Sister young because zone conference in odessa! Opera House

my companionship with our mini missionary Sister Kokoreva (branch President of Cherkassky's daughter)

My Comps

Oh my companions!

 an investigator named Larissa who I love. and our mini missionary she is just 16

My investigator Larissa

Zone Conference Odessa

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