Monday, August 31, 2015

the bomb!

Kylie didn’t get a big email out this week because she has to go through a registration process with Ukraine to stay in the country that will take up her whole p-day. Also, Kylie is having some pretty serious problems with her stomach so she’s taking some meds and hoping to rest up and get better this week. The mission doc and president are keeping close eye on her. 

It is hard being so far away from her and not being able to help her through this, but if you wouldnt mind please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.  I know there is great power in prayer and fasting so if you would like to add her to your fast this coming Sunday I would be so grateful!  Thank you for your ongoing love and support on her behalf.

Kylies Shared Online:

My life is pretty nuts sometimes, but it is my life and I choose to be here and I really do love it. This week was really hard in so many ways and almost everything went wrong but the difference is I am still happy. It doesn’t get me down. Thank you for your thoughts about the members and my blessing and the work here. I will work hard.

Ok. So I am going to tell you what is going on. I am totally fine I do not want anyone to panic ok?

But like AK I have had some pretty intense pain inside my stomach. I am pretty far from Kyiv so the doctor has been working with me over the phone. This week I get to have the pleasure of taking a medicine entitled "the Bomb" (I know that is really comforting). It will make me pretty sick so I will be off the streets this week. But I hope that whatever is inside of me will be taken care of because there is nothing else I want to do, then to get out and get to work. That is ALL I WANT TO DO. Just letting you guys know because you are my parents and I thought you should know what is going on. But I really am ok. I have the same nausea every time I eat and really consistent pain in my stomach and intestines. So we are going to get it figured out. President wants me here for the long run so I will do whatever I can do make that happen. Even bombing my stomach to get parasites or whatever is going on, OUT! : I am pretty sick but we are getting it figured out.  I am praying that after that it will get rid of whatever is inside of me and I can go back to work! That is all I want to do. :)


I love you guys!

Love, CecTpa KappeH

Yep! Its better for me to not be a blonde here.

Our Mini that I love!

Saying goodbye to our Mini

My Mini Sister Kokoreva is so cute!

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