Tuesday, August 4, 2015

thank you letter

August 2, 2015
Dear President Sergey Kokorev,

We woke up this morning to an email from you about our daughter Kylie Karren.  It was such a nice surprise to receive a message from you!  We are so happy that Kylie has had the opportunity to serve in Cherkassky and in your Branch.  I know she will never forget the people she worked with in Cherkassky, including you.  

Thank you for taking care of her, loving her,  and being so good to her while in your branch.  She loved the people dearly and loved serving in your area.  As a parent it is so wonderful to hear from anyone that has been with Kylie. We love to hear what she is doing always.  Thank you so much for reaching out to share with us what she has been doing to assist in the work of the Lord in your city.  

We pray for you and your people everyday and are so grateful for the wonderful associations she has with you and others in your branch. It has been a great blessing in her life! I know it is hard for her to leave because her last email was full of love for her area.  Sister Karren said, “I love Ukraine so much and I am thankful for every moment I have here.  Ukraine is my happy place.  I feel the spirit so strong here and I am growing, learning and being tried.  It is all for our good. I am so grateful for the knowledge of the plan.  It is true. NEVER DOUBT. ALWAYS LOVE. BE BOLD. BE BRAVE. REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE.” 

We hope we can keep in touch and visit you someday.  Thank you for your service and dedication to the Lord.  We love the gospel of Jesus Christ and are so happy to hear that the work is going forward in all parts of the world.  Bless you and bless your people. Kylie will never forget you or her experiences in Cherkassky. We love you. 

Sister Carisa Karren

P.S. I will tell Kylie about the cherry. :)

On Aug 2, 2015, at 8:52 AM, Сергей Кокорев <kokorevs@gmail.com> wrote:

Dear Brother and Sister Karren,

Your daughter has completed her full-time missionary service in her first place to serve. It was our branch Cherkassy. We have enjoyed having her in our branch and are grateful for the sacrifices and service to the Lord by Sister Karren. She is an exceptional young person and has been an excellent missionary.

My wife and I very much appreciate the support provided by you. In addition, we are thankful for those who have assisted with the training and preparation of Sister Karren during the years of her life in the Church.

Sister Karren has served the Lord in our branch with all her heart, might, mind and strength as she testified of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ and prepared people for baptism into the Church. We appreciate her effectiveness as a proselyting missionary. We are also grateful for her outstanding work among the members of our branch as she has developed positive relationships with them and has been creative and enthusiastic in supporting them in their branch activities.

My family and I feel so much love, admiration, appreciation, and affection for Sister Karren. She has done a wonderful job for us and we will be greatly missed her here.

Sergey Kokorev
President Cherkassy Branch
skype: sergey.kokorev
Ukraine, Cherkassy

P.S. Please, remind her that I will keep in safety place the cherry she presented to me. It will remind me the strong testimony of this young sister for many many years. She knows what I mean.

Saying Goodbye to Branch in Cherkassy

Another wonderful member. 

I am so blessed to have met all these converts. Every member here is a convert!

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