Monday, October 19, 2015

Mission Newsletter

Plan and Prepare to be Life Changing Missionaries
Ukraine Kyiv Mission
19 Oct 2015
Therefore, O ye that embark in the service of God, see that ye serve him with all your heart, might, mind and strength, that ye may stand blameless before God at the last day.
D&C 4:2
Dear Elders and Sisters,
Growing up my oldest sister went off to college and she met a non-member. I remember when she came home from college one weekend, Mike came to visit. My parents weren’t home yet and they were chasing each other around the house just having fun. My sister ran through the back door and shut the screen behind her. Mike couldn’t see that the screen was shut and ran right through my dad’s screen door. Everyone knows you don’t mess with the screen. So right off the bat Mike’s first impression was not great. Before we knew it, Lori was engaged to Mike. My parents had great concern over this. Especially in the fact that he had no desire to become a member at that time. But Lori was in love and my parents supported that.
Two years later, and a rocky road, they had little Dax. Mike had watched Lori at night, while she prayed, he wondered how she could pray to someone for such a long time. He once asked her who is this Heavenly Father she prayed to each night? Each Sunday my mom would call and ask if Mike wanted to come to church, and he never did. My mom would make the comment “Satan is so happy when you stay home instead of going to church with your wife and son. He thought my mom was crazy, and no matter what she said or the pressure she put on him he still never went. They were living at the house right next to my parents hair salon, when one day my dad saw out of his shop window two elders knocking at Mike and Lori’s door. My dad saw that Mike had let them in. The two missionaries told Mike, "they were going through the area book and had seen his name and thought they would drop by.” Four hours later, my dad saw the missionaries leave their house. They were the perfect Elders for Mike. They were not forcing anything upon him. Whatever questions he had they answered with the spirit and Mike loved that. All of Mike’s questions and concerns were answered by these elders and he was baptized. One day my sister shared with Mike that she knew marrying him was a risk, and hoped that he would someday join the church. She also shared with him about all of those hours each night as she was praying to her Heavenly Father, she was pleading that Mike’s heart would be softened. She wanted the gospel in their home. She knew Mike's potential and what an amazing member he could be someday. She made a promise to Heavenly Father that she would read her scriptures every day and remain faithful if Heavenly Father would bring the gospel into Mike’s life. We loved those missionaries. They were doing the Lord’s work. Our family was so sad when their mission was over, but we were so grateful for the amazing miracle that they were to our family.

Because of all they had done, my dad offered to cut their hair when they needed a haircut. We took them out to dinner every so often to show our gratitude. After they left new missionaries came to our area, they visited often and as time went on they started spending too much time at our house. They seemed to need a haircut every week. At first we really liked them coming, but that wore off quite quickly. These missionaries were filling their day, but there was little to no purpose behind the work. After some time we got to where we would hide when they came by, or we were too busy to meet with them, mainly because when they came it was difficult to get them to leave. They were not focused, and that was very clear. These missionaries changed our view of missionary life. We could see why they had no success. That was the last time I remember missionaries coming to our home. Elders and Sisters you need to know your purpose. You need to plan, study and pray for guidance. You need to limit the time you spend in members homes. It is very clear to the members which missionaries have a purpose and are doing the work. It is also very clear to see those that don’t have a purpose, but are just filling their day with things to do. We want our missionaries to be the kind of missionaries that came to Mike’s door on that life changing day, not however, those who are just filling their day. Which missionary are you? Which missionary do you need to be? If you already are the first, I thank you because you will change lives. If you need to repent and do better, do it now, there is so much work to be done. Our Heavenly Father needs servants he can trust. Go and do this work so that when your mission comes to an end, Ukraine will be holy ground to you, and the Lord can say "well done thou good and faithful servant." I promise you will see success. I bare testimony of this in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.
We love you! Sister Packer 

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