Tuesday, October 6, 2015

quick update

September 28, 2015

Sorry I do not have time to write another email this week so just sending you what I said to President. I am good though! :D I love you guys and I love being amissionary. I thought my voice recording would work and that was an update on my week but I guess not. I love you guys and miss you!!!! 

Love you mama

<3 Ky

Dear President,

Thank you for all that you did in the Extended MTC. It was really wonderful. It helped me feel confident and prepared to come back to Odessa and know exactly how I need to help my new companion. So thank you for everything it was definitely inspired. Heaven taught me so much! It is such a privilige to me a missionary here and to have you and your wife as President. I know God knew I needed to be taught from you. You are both wonderful examples to us, and you talked a lot about Nephi, and I feel like you are just like him! It is amazing.

We got back to Odessa safely and right to work. Our investigator Larissa who had a baptismal date for October 3rd is being worked on by Satan so hard and me and Sister Ivoncovich are praying so hard but she is just not progressing.  But I will keep praying.

We are starting to get families to teach and it is amazing! I am so grateful because when I came to Ukraine I had the distinct impression to find families and it has been hard, but now we have people we get to teach! A little boy and his mom!

My companion is doing well. She is progressing in the language even if it is slowly. We will keep working and I try to just speak in Russian to her, and when she doesnt understand she asks me. I love her. She has such a wonderful sweet, yet strong spirit and she loves to work and talk to everyone. It is the best. I know God put me with the right companion it is so inspired!

Sister Karren

MTC Action Shots

3rd from the right

When I found out I was going to be a trainer!

Romas family

We made homemade chicken noodle soup on our camping stove :)

My Roma

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