Tuesday, October 6, 2015


I am supposed to be here in Ukraine at this time with these people.

This branch really does need a lot of work. We had 35 people in sacrament yesterday which was decent and usual. But we have may more members than that. Elder Kudibergen called to let me know about a member who had called him asking for help and I asked him why he thought they still called him and not the present missionaries here. His response was interesting and something I definitely needed to hear. We have been visiting the members more regularly to try and lift them and to help them reactivate or keep being strong and to get their help for our work with investigators. But President yesterday I realized I have been doing it wrong. We have been planning short spiritual thoughts but the members still do not trust us like they should. Elder Kudibergen said that what he found worked here was 100 % opening up his heart, telling them real experiences he has had with the spirit, real challenges he has gone through and then they naturally open up to him in return. It makes so much sense yet I have missed that for so many months in Ukraine just still worried about the language and the message and gaining help. I will change the way I work and try to follow the spirit and plan with the spirit better! 

As for my companion she is adorable and such a hard worker. she cried for the first time this week telling me that this is really hard. I understand, I went through the same thing. For her it is hard because the Russian is not seeming to stick. she studies and studies, tries to speak, I speak to her in Russian and still the many words I repeat over and over don't seem to stick very well. Any suggestions?? 

I love being a missionary. I will back those words up with my heart. Everyday now, thanks to someones advice, I wake up and tell the girl in the mirror that I love being a missionary, because it is true and it motivates me to be a better instrument in God's hands, to do a little more for my Savior. Then no matter if the day is hard, I really do come home with a happy heart and clear mind, knowing that God takes care of us, that He loves these people and He is satisfied with our work.

I love being here even on the really stressful weeks. Training is pretty epic and the language is still killer but I just pray a lot and God blesses us. It is just in some missions people throw in the fishing net and just full in SO many fish. Here we hunt under the rocks. So sometimes it is hard. But I cant let it get me down because I honestly do love being a missionary so much. It is my life right now and I love every minute.

Thanks for everything. Let's have a great week!!

-Cectpa Karren

Sister Young and I are trainers and Sister Mak and Sister Rubio are in the office.  MTC sisters!

Fierce missionaries

kV with Sister Ivancovich

found me some purple flowers cuz that makes me happy.

falafol is the best.  I love P Days

We are still little kids and we love it!

I am so sick. But God willing I can do this! 

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