Monday, December 14, 2015

change is hard

December 7, 2015

YA. Change is the hardest thing. With Cherkassy I needed a new beginning. But I have really felt all transfer I will leave. It was hard because all the members have accepted us as part of the family. We are the sisters and we worked so hard to gain their trust. If I have to be away from home for Chrsitmas I really wanted to be in my other home and that is Tairova Odessa. But I am sure I will love so much the new big branch. It will be weird. We usually have like 30 people here at church there is will be 100 and that will be nuts. The members told us that they have never had missionaries like us ever and that they are so grateful. I did not even cry at church yesterday even though everyone was getting up and bearing testimony and thanking us for changing their lives and helping others. It is sacred ground for me here. I just pray that someday I can maybe get transferred back. I love them mama.

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