Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Family I am running out of time!!!

But I will get to talk to you at 7 am your time on Christmas morning. Is that cool? :) 

Quick update on this week. 

We sent nightly texts everynight as a little Christmas thought. Here are the thoughts: (from of the top of my head)

Alma 7:10-12 He was not just born to clean us from our sins but also to succor his people in their infirmities. He knows us perfectly. He loves us. 

Matthews 1:21-23 Even His very name is sacred. He is our Savior and He is the Christ. 

John 3:16-17 God loves us so much that he gave us His only beggotten son. 

(ummmm I can't remember the rest but next week I will send some more) 

Some hard things went down this past week. But it has all been a gift from God. I am flying completely free and I give Him all of me! How lucky am I to be here in Ukraine for Christmas?! IT REALLY IS A GIFT FROM GOd! 

My christmas kiss with a smelly billy goat. (uncle jason this goat must be my soul mate) ;)
Me and my comp were on this big farm land today which was beautiful and we saw these birds and the male was doing this funny little show off dance so we were copying him when we reealizd the entire family could see us doing this funny little dance through the window. 
We went to a relief society food activity and were pumped because free food. BUT there wer 10 dishes cool right?! ya well they were all made of pure mayonnaise with a little mix of something else... I definitely still don't like mayonnaise. ;) 
My missionary coordinator leader in our branch was part of the mafia before he was baptized. So was his brother (the branch president). CRAZY right? 

Ok experience of the week: 
We had a great sacrament meeting and I was sitting next to a less active who was sitting next to this cute grandma 74 and her name in Ludmila. She was the first person I met in Bila. I love her. Sacrament ended and I got up fast to go talk to our new investigator and head to gospel principles. Stan (an american of 60 years old married to a ukrainian and just legendary... when i have more time I will tell you more about him...) anyway, Stan doesn't know any russian and he called me back over to where Ludmila was sitting and asked me to please ask her if she was ok. She was as white as a sheet with clammy hands and her forehead was sweating. She would not respond and she was just staring off into space breathing really shallow. I told Stan she was not ok and we quickly jumped into action and got some water on her face and the back of her neck got someone to call the emergency doctor people and we picked her up and moved her to the Presidents office to lay on a couch. There was no pillow and so I sat down and she layed down with her sweet head on my chest and I just held her hand and talked to her real quiet. She was so clammy and cold and unresponsive I really thought this sweet woman might die right there. She has heart problems but this was the first time this has ever happened to her. I just held on to her and it was amazing. Everyone started to pray. Everyone was coming into the room and asking what was wrong and just touching her sweet little hands. Finally the emergency people came and shut everyone out of the room except me, Ludmila and one other lady. They got to work and found the problem, gave her some shots and glucose and through time she was ok. I love her and I am thankful to God that she is ok and did not die. 

I also get to play for the childrens program next sunday! It was a surprise, but will be fun! We get to also have an exchange with Sister McDermott and Johnson this week and I am so excited! 

Being here for Chrismtas really is such a blessing! I am so blessed to give this time to my Savior and to really learn about why he came here as a child and how he saved the whole world if we only come to him and see! He is truly amazing and I love him with my whole soul.This week is going to be the best week ever as I work along side my Savior. I am so grateful for his trust and love and that he helps me through every single moment here. He loves us so much. He loves you.

I love you all too. Be safe, have a merry Christmas, and I will talk to you real soon. :) 


Сестра Кэррен
Tea and treats with members and less actives


Uncle Jason's twin goat

My Christmas kiss

Stans property

My sweet invalid

Christmas Decor

Festive nails

The stocking were hung... where?

Christmas Tree

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