Monday, December 14, 2015

photos from the last few weeks of my life

December 7, 2015
Here are a few photos of the LAST FEW WEEKS OF MY LIFE. We get to use normal computers today in Center! SO this weeks email will be a bunch of pictures with little updates! I LOVE YOU GUYS. We went to the Zoo a few p days ago and it was so soviet visiable by the way the animals were taken care of and the security. I thought it would be really fun but me and the French girl both almost cried at the end because it was really sad. Thank goodness there were no hippos there so I didn't have to cry about them too. 

PS: This is my favorite companion in the world. Just look at her. Admire this photo. LOVE SO MUCH!

Opera House


More Opera

Birthday celebration for Sister Ivancovich

Happy Birthday Sister Ivancovich

Love this cute Beknozarov family.  This little boy gets baptized Saturday!

155% love my Sister Ivancovich

This just makes me laugh!

Zoo fun epic PDAY

Bowling with investigators Lena and her son Andrei and Miroslava and the member Dimitri!

When we flew to Kyiv then missed our flight back down to Odessa.  It was really fun. Until it wasn't anymore ;)

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