Monday, December 21, 2015

Mission Newsletter

Our Small Efforts are Often all the Lord Needs
Ukraine Kyiv Mission
21 December 2015
Quote: Now ye may suppose that this is foolishness in me; but behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass; and small means in many instances doth confound the wise.” Alma 37: 6
Dear Elders and Sister,
This morning we met with the area presidency's wives. Sister Porter, the wife of the Area President, told us a really neat story. Five years ago on December 10th President Porter went to Baltimore for his third kidney transplant. His son was the donor and the surgery went really well. His son went home a few days later and President Porter looked really good. Then on the 23rd of December, President Porter took a turn for the worse. The doctors could not figure out why he all of the sudden started doing much worse. Sister Porter was exhausted, there was no family around and she felt very alone. She went to Heavenly Father in prayer and asked what more she could give? What did President Porter need? As she thought, there was something more she could do. She could fast for one meal. She knew it wasn't much but at the time it was all she could do.
So she started her fast, during that time she got a call from a relative saying that they wanted to bring their little kids up on Christmas Eve and take her to dinner. She was about ready to say "No" when a voice said you asked for help let them help. She said that she would love to go to dinner. Also later that day her son said that he could fly down Christmas night and spend some time with her as well. So she went out to dinner when she came back from dinner she was sitting in President Porters room and he coughed a couple of times. The nurse who was on call happened to be in the room at the time and recognized it as not a normal cough. She called in the on -call resident kidney transplant doctor and told him what she had heard. They took a swab of his mouth and found out that he had a very rare form of pneumonia so rare that they didn't carry the medicine at this hospital. But they were able to order it in and by Christmas Day President Porter was doing much better.
The Lord was very aware of President Porter and the work he needed him for, and even though what Sister Porter could offer didn't seem like much it was all she could give. It was all the Lord needed. As I set there and listened to this story it took me back to almost one month ago when I was so sick with another kidney stone. I had little faith and really couldn't believe that this could happen again. All I wanted to do was the work. Needless to say the summer before crept right back in to my mind and I felt helpless and sick. I can honestly say that because of the Faith of our missionaries and that our whole mission was praying for me I was able to pass the stone quickly. What an incredible blessing you all are in my life. I am not sure without your faith and love that that weekend would have gone as smoothly as it did. Sometimes our needs are big yet what we can offer is small. Sometimes are needs seem small but it takes the faith of an entire mission to move such a small stone.
I know that the Lord is very aware of each and everyone of you. Your choice in coming and serving our Heavenly Father will not go unnoticed. I have found that throughout my life our Heavenly Father gives back in return far more than we put forth. This season is the greatest of all where all around the world people enjoy giving. They wear a smile on their face. They are more friendly and more loving and more willing to forgive. I can't help but wonder if it is because we are serving and thinking of others that everything seems happier, better and of course we hate to see it end. Through the gospel and love of our Heavenly Father we are given the opportunity to serve at this time. To always wear a smile on our face and to lose ourselves in service to those around us. I pray this holiday season will be your best one ever. That you will find great joy in serving our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I know that our family is looking forward to another year in the mission field. Where we might have a chance to give what we have, to share what we can, and to find great joy in the season. We love and appreciate each and every one of you. We are grateful for your service here in Ukraine. But most of all we are grateful to walk side by side with you on this amazing mission we get to be a part of. There is so much love for each and every one of you and it brings tears to my eyes, as I know how much you are loved by our Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ and by the Packer family.
Sister Packer 

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