Monday, December 14, 2015

letter to President leaving Odessa December 7, 2015

Dear President,

Thank you for this oppurtunity I have had to serve in Tairova Odessa. Change is a hard thing for me! I am very excited about the upcoming transfer but it is so hard to say goodbye to a place and to people that have changed my life. Tairova will always be so special to me because of the people I met, the miracles I saw God perform and for all the things I went through so that He could change me and so that I could become a better servant of God. Thank you! I hope one day I can return again and see these people who I so dearly love!

I learned how important LOVE is in this work. Genuine Christlike love is key.
An open heart to these people to their experiences and life is also essential.
Service and work will gain peoples trust when you pour your whole soul into people! 
Happiness is also so crutial to doing this work how it should be done. Happiness and sunshine spread like a wild fire and it is what everyone needs in this dark world.
Health is equally important. If we do not take care of our bodies, and our minds we can not be clean vessels for the Lord to work with. 
Remembering the Savior is everything we do is the most important. Why are we here? We are here because of Him. We are here for Him. We know Him and we have the oppurtunity to help others to come unto Him and to know Him too. 

I love what it says in the District, "Life is not easy, but with God it is Possible." How true and how comforting that is to me.
Thank you for sharing 2 Nephi 2:24 with me. It has brought me so much peace in my anxiety, so much joy in my sorrows, because God knows all and He knows what is best and I absolutely trust Him 100%.
I am grateful that God gives us the oppurtunity to learn and to grow. 

The branch here is amazing but it is really struggling and it is getting pretty serious. It really needs your help. The branch President is just tired I think. I dont know if he has it in him to keep going with the same vigor that is needed here. The less actives are not being helped, the numbers of people attending are going down. He is tired. I will be really honest and tell you about a normal sunday. He rolls in right before church starts, he sits on the stand looking tired and not ready with facial hair, he texts and talks throughout the sacrament hour and it looks so bad. I just wanted to let you know, even though you probably already know. Last time you mention that maybe Brother Valentin Gorski would be a good President. He is our MCM and he is amazing President. He would literally give everything and anything to the people of our branch. He has so much love and he wants to do all the Lord asks him to do. He has been a member for 10 years and he works hard, even if he has a quick break in the day he goes out and he tries to share the gospel with the people on the street. He really would be amazing.

Danya is doing great and will get baptized on Saturday December 12, and 12:00. I am SO sad to miss it. I know that it is not possible for me to be there, and so that is ok. But I am so sad. This family has changed my life and it really has been an uphill battle. The family was very sad to hear my transfer, but they wanted to wait for Elder Kudibergen and so I knew that probably meant I would not be there for the baptism. They did not know that, but now they do.

My companion is amazing and just want this area needs! She is a little sunshine and she works SO SO HARD! I am so happy to know that I am leaving and she is staying to continue the work of the Lord here in Tairova. 

Really quick I want to tell you my goal and my sacrifice for the next transfer! For Christ's birth I wanted to sacrifice something. My sacrifice is English! I need to give it up so that I can be totally prepared to say what God needs His children to hear in their own language. I already talked to Sister Young and she is also on board! It will be hard but so worth it I think! Let me know what you think of it!! 

Thanks for everything.

I hope your wife is feeling better. We are still praying for her. Please keep us updated. We love her so much. We love your family! Have a great week! 

Cectpa Karren 

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