Tuesday, December 29, 2015


1st thing is first NEWS! I will be coming home a week later than planned. Oooops! Everything will work out. So around August 23 or 24 I will be home. 

CHRISTMAS in Ukraine was the best gift God could have given me. 
Thanks for all the Christmas wishes and all the love. Thank you to the Alpine 12th Ward for all the wonderful thoughtful gifts. I really love you all so much. 

Family! Talking to you Christmas was the best. You are all such wonderful examples to me. Your faith and your diligence increase mine and help me to do this work. 

Some awesome things about Christmas: Contacting!!! We just tried to talk to everyone we saw. We went to the center of the town, broke out our Hymns and we sang our hearts out with the elders and we just talked to every single person we saw. We testified. I met someone very anti who did not believe in God. Over and over throughout our conversation he kept asking me to tell him where God was and who was this Son of God. That he just could not believe it. That God was not real and that we do everything on our own. He told me I was a finatic. I told him  I hoped I was, because this gospel is my life. I was shivering and shaking from the cold but I just stood there and I testified for 45 minutes, he listened to it all, then denied it all once again. In the end I walked away with my testimony strengthened. God is real. God is good. God loves each one of you!! I know it. I feel it! HE TOLD ME! 

I already told you, but I will repeat it again: I AM THE LUCKIEST MISSIONARY IN THE WORLD. I am in such a special place and everyday God holds my hand and he shows me His wonderful plan, and we work together. How incredible of a blessing is that? God holds my hand everyday, and I will hold on tight. "Even adversity has some sweet usefulness. The trick is to thank the Lord for letting you have the ride." And what a wonderful ride it is. We are so lucky to be on earth right now at this time. To have the knowledge of the gospel that we have. We are so lucky to be the ones to fulfill prophecies of old and take the gospel to all nations, tongues and people. We are so lucky to have a Savior who was born for each one of us, we saved every single soul and all we have to do is come to Him and ask to see how his wonderful atonement works. And then we get to feel the power of the atonement work in our lives every single day. God is good. God loves us. And we are God's children. I am grateful for this gospel of Jesus Christ. Grateful to be His servant right now. GRATEFUL FOR FAMILY AND FOR CHRISTMAS and for Ukraine. I love it all with all of my heart. 

Have a wonderful week and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

All my love, 
сестра Кэррен

My Sister Young... The Capri Sun was so good we missed seeing our sisters pass by us at the stop they needed to get off at. HA! 

We had an exchange.  Our first one :D

Christmas Dinosaurs...???

Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner

I bought Sister Young Christmas Eve Pj's too.  Its the year of the monkey!

Christmas Eve PJ's from home

Jammie Fest

This is Larissa one of the sweetest angels I have ever met. She is one of the women we wash every week. Being with her is as close as it gets to being in heaven. This was on christmas. 

Merry Christmas from the small bus we were on absolutelly packed WAY too full we couldve died...

A beautiful park we found on PDay


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