Sunday, June 26, 2016

a small update

We have almost accomplished 20 lessons this week even with the exchange and everything. DID YOU KNOW? I can teach on the street! Not just contact, but I have learned how to sit down with someone, pray and teach them a lesson and pray again at the end. A STREET LESSON. Seems simple right? I have not been able to do to this my entire mission. I CAN DO THIS QUITE OFTEN NOW. It is one of those like I can't believe I did not know how to do earlier this kind of moments. It is so fun. We just lift someone, make their day better, and it is beautiful. I am getting more people to smile on the streets, to feel good on a bus. ETC...

Bila has the sweetest feeling here. Sister Ivancovich came to Bila to be on an exchange with me. She is doing amazing! Seriously amazing. I love her guts so much. She is a good jober. As we drove in, she just said WOW. It seems to me like I just came home. That is what Bila feels like.
BILA is green, calm, gorgeous, farm land, hard workers, just good good good. There is going to be a Stake HERE in Bila. There will be a temple here. I dont know when but I have been so privileged to serve in this historical place.

I love you all. Sorry my emails are getting smaller. I at least wanted to update you a bit because I will not have time to do a Pday.

PRAY for me. I will have a mini missionary (Stan Barton's step daughter) and I am so excited. We will be together monday and tuesday as my comp sings in Kyiv. I had the chance to sing "You are my Sunshine" with her, but I need to stay in Bila. That is my talent. I dont sing or draw or play or do anything like that for the mission. But I can stay and teach really well. Good thing God gives us talents!

I get to do an exchange in Cherkassy again with SISTER RUBIO. I have been praying to serve with her. I am so excited! And I will go to my first area again!
We will also have a leadership counsel and we will have a BBQ. The mission is getting nutso busy. CAN WE ALL PRAY TO SLOW THE TIME DOWN A LITTLE BIT?
I cry as I think of my Savior here with these people. I love the little hunched over grandmas with the light blue eyes that cry when I tell them the Savior is coming again. HE IS COMING. HE WILL BRING JUSTICE. HE WILL BRING PEACE. HE WILL BRING SALVATION FOR US ALL. Remember your Savior. Remember your personal relationship with Him. There is NOTHING MORE important than HIM! NEVER FORGET IT.

I love you so much.

Have a wonderful week!

my new love and my new future. ;)

MOM these are for you.  My comp says I always make the funniest faces.  LOVE YOU TO DEATH.

I hope you are laughing at me!!!!!!


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