Thursday, June 23, 2016

no time to write but lots has happened this week.

We stood up for 3 hours on a packed bus to get to Vinnitsya. This is serious. ;)

First time shearing sheep.

Stan is my hero.  This sheeps name is Ebbie.  I just stared into her eye and she clamed down enough to let us sheer her.  Maybe I am a SHEEP WHISPERER???

This is a lot of wool.

We rescued a small random cat and gave it to Dima.  She cant meow, but she purrs really loud so her name shall be called PURR. I bet his Mom is excited about this one.

Some cute kids we met in a village. New member family and the Dad is our new investigator.

My favorites.  Daynara is so pregnant, sick and ready to pop but she is LOVING THE GOSPEL WITH HER WHOLE SOUL.

Life for Ukrainian children

more of the village.


Early Morning run on our exchange in Vinnitsya

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