Sunday, June 26, 2016

my exchange with my baby girl!!!!

We picked so many berries and I gave them all to Sister Ivancovich. #feedingbaby

Daynara was told to wait to get baptized so her husband can get ready. I do not want her to wait. We are praying and we are loving her and she is so ready she can hardly stand it. This is her in the village. Her mom is the one bending down. Dasha the brown dress is the best recent convert and missionary in the world! She brought my miracle into the church! I LOVE THEM. So lucky to teach her.

my seflie with my bestest!

Picking berries for hours to do service for the cutest Babooshka I have ever met. When I told her Christ was coming again she got real down close to my eyes. I was squatting to meet her eye level. She put her face right in front of mine and with the brightest light in her eyes asked with all sincerity... "REALLY?!" When I told her he really would she lit up. She was so happy and so filled with peace! CHRIST WILL COME AGAIN!

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