Sunday, June 12, 2016

"Don't Be A Cat. BE A DOG."

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Ok. Getting clever about writing is getting harder and harder. This week we ate strawberries for the first time in months and months and months. We sang on the streets! For 3 hours and contacted tons while Elder Clark played the guitar! It was super fun. We took some members with us to go contacting. The reality of my future came crashing down #registrationforBYU. We found some investigators and met with our other ones. We are meeting with so many people and just loving it. I am tired every morning so much so that it is hard to read the Book of Mormon and study. I hope it is just an end of the mission working hard type thing. Whatever it is I love it. Helped a woman and her daughter who were crying on a bus. I couldn't talk to them so I wrote them a note that god inspired me to do and I passed it to them and told them to call us. She was so grateful. Just glad that we can serve anywhere we go. We saw Stan. We gathered strawberries with a stranger and she made us eat bowls and bowls full. It was beautiful. I learned how to use an ax and I chopped my first piece of wood. It took me a long long time. But with the help of Stan (seriously he had to put his arms around me and help me chop the wood) but I chopped the wood!!!!! ONE WHOLE PIECE. Sounds dumb but I was on top of the world. #learninglifeskills. We went to Kyiv and had a leadership counsel with president and his wife. It is my favorite thing to learn right from him. This is where he told us that as missionaries we "don't be a cat. We be a dog!" because cats are like sneaky and wait for you to pet them and just pose. But dogs run up to everyone and lick their faces off and smile and wag their tails and talk to everyone. That is what we must do! I loved it so much. Also our new office senior couple made us hawaiian haystacks and strawberry short cake and I cried because it was so good and so homemade and so american. We contacted a miracle and he came to english and we had a wonderful miraculous lesson with a man who has changed his life to find the truth and is now the elders new investigator! SO COOL.
We are called to do the work Jesus would do. We must live as an angel would live so that people can see the light in us and come unto HIM! Ukraine is a sacred place to me. I am a happy missionary and just trying to tighten up my skills and talents and the work God has entrusted me with. Thank you for the prayers for my Russian! I need it. I love you all so much. Have a wonderful wonderful week! Elder Ballard and the whole area Presidency come to my mission this week for 3 days! My companion is going to sing for them! I love you all! God loves you even more. Don't forget it.

Love Cectpa Karren

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Our Mountain of pancakes! Running so we can eat them!
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Sister Arnell does amazing hair!

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