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Can I Be the Lords?

June 13, 2016

This week I met an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ. I also met 5 more general authorities. I felt the Spirit so strong. When they came in after we all shook hands (Elder Ballard has the sweetest little warm hand) we sang a song in Ukrainian. We sang a version of Come Thou Fount and part of that version came from the music video my mission made. We sang with our entire mission in Ukrainian. We sang for an apostle of the Lord!

This week I also finished the Book of Mormon in preparation for Elder Ballards coming. I know it is true. I am so grateful I have found the true and living gospel- Christ's very own!

I love my mission. I am not perfect. But I do love this. I only have a short time left and the spirit is powerful. It is a privilege to learn and grown from the missionaries around me and from my President and his wife and family.

Here are a few things I learned from our meeting with these wonderful general authorities.
*Being a missionary is a sacred work and calling. We tread on sacred ground. We can not afford to hold back. We are commanded to open our mouth all of the time. AND WE CAN DO FAR BETTER.
*I learned that Elder Ballard and the other apostles are the very best missionaries. yes, they have many duties, but the one they have above all is to preach the gospel. They do not do it for just a year and a half or 2 years or even just a couple. They are committed for their entire life. Everywhere he goes he is talking to people, getting referrals and passing them on to the missionaries.
*BE HUMBLE in all that we do.
*We are made by God TO HAVE JOY. That is in opposition to Satan's plan. He wants us to be miserable. But we must rejoice!
*There are 2 factors in life that motivate us and influence us to act or not to act, they are: Love and Fear.
*Because Elder Ballard loves the Lord, He loves people. I want to be this!
*We must become reverent missionaries. We need to have a profound love and respect toward Deity. We should all seek to live a reverent life. Our work must be reflective of how we feel for the Lord and God. THAT INCLUDES BEING ON A MISSION OR JUST BEING IN REGULAR LIFE. We should have one reason and one motivation for all that we do. We do things BECAUSE WE LOVE THE LORD.
*God has helped us all to get to who and where we are. We should be so profoundly grateful to Him for EVERYTHING that we will do anything for Him!
*In the morning I need to get up and ask myself daily "Can I be His?" Our life should totally belong to Him our Father in Heaven! Espescially as I serve a mission for Him. It is His time NOT mine.

Elder Ballard wanted to know why we are not baptizing more people. He then had a question and answer time and we all got to ask our questions. I do believe that because the Lord has sent his holy apostle to step foot on the soil of Ukraine to help us tighten up and to bless the people here that we will soon have more baptisms.
I HAVE A GOAL FROM NOW TO THE END OF MY MISSION. No matter what kind of a schedule I have everyday. I want to talk to at least 20 different people on the street every single day. "Wake up your spiritual being and believe."
My favorite thing was he talked about how to get rid of pride. His suggestion was "Let your mind go to Gethsemane quite often." What Christ did there was essential and critical. We can overcome anything in His name. He took our sins upon Him. He broke the bands of death. The challenging things get swallowed up in the atonement if we will just go there in our minds daily! REMEMBER THE MIRACLE OF THE ATONEMENT!


From Sister Packer: IF EVER THERE IS CONTENTION- READ THE BOOK OF MORMON. IT WILL REMOVE THE PROBLEMS. Do not ever stop studying the Book of Mormon. EVER!

"We came to this life to become something better!"-President Packer
Never put yourself between the Savior and His prophets. He gives THEM the revelation. The apostles and prophets are His chosen people to guide and direct. Hold tight to the WORD of the prophets and you will always be safe.
DO NOT CHANGE GOD. He is unchangeable.

SUNDAY we learned even more from the authorities because they did a Stake Conference!
*"Women and men of God can never be like women and men of the world."
We must be tender disciples, kind and refined and faithful!
*Each one of us on this earth is a message. So share yourself!
Again Elder Ballard taught:
-Remember the blessings of the Priesthood power and that it is REAL POWER.
-"In the quiet moments, my family becomes everything."
-Daddies should give all attention to their little girls (and other kids.)
-If there is ever contention in the home: step out for a few minutes, calm down. STRENGTHEN your homes. PRAY together. READ scriptures together. LOVE each other. TEACH one another. Make your home a safe haven. If the home is safe and peaceful and filled with love we will feel secure in the hand of God, especially in this crazy world.
-GRANDPARENTS are memory makers
-If you have something to repent of REPENT. He asked us all with the love like the Savior has to get our lives in order and to just REPENT.
-Live better.
-Be honest.
-Do what Jesus would do. Work at this and then see the miracles happen!
-Thank God for the gospel in our lives!
-"Jesus is your best friend and mine!"
-We need to experience the Holy Ghost

I know He is an apostle of the Lord our Savior even Jesus Christ. He is His witness in these latter days. Do not deny the power of the priesthood and the power of the callings of the 12 apostles and his prophet. If you are struggling with anything they say, get on your knees and humble yourself before God and ask Him to help you gain a testimony of the living prophets, seers and revelators. They are our biggest helpers and heroes and through them we can get to Christ our Savior and live with God again. I know this is true.

I love Ukraine. I am eternally blessed to have lived here. These people are my influences. They are my light and my love. I never want to say goodbye. I love them. Even the ones I do not know. I want to go to heaven with all of them!

Have a wonderful spirit filled week. I LOVE YOU ALL

Love Cectpa Karren

Preview YouTube video Missionaries Sing "Come Thou Fount" in Kyiv UkraineMissionaries Sing "Come Thou Fount" in Kyiv Ukraine

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