Monday, July 20, 2015

i want to be a missionary forever

July 13, 2015


The first thing I would like to tell all this week is that I have new clothes. Why is that important you might wonder? Well. Let me tell you a quick story. I was washing all my white clothes, skirt, shirts, and many garments. Cool right? You wash whites with whites. Well some time later the washing machine was done and I went to go hang up my clothes to dry. AND I KNOW have new pink clothes. My dear sweet mini missionary decided to add her RED skirt after I left. I tried everything I could to get them to be white again but in the end I just love my mini missionary more than clothes but I am most definitely Charpay from High school musical (it was my nickname in the MTC) because everything I own is now pink. NEAT huh? Ha I know that years from now I will look back and laugh. For now I am just one giant pink blob.

(Read the parable of the Sower in Mark 4 and 1 Nephi 8 at the same time- I did this during personal study and it was crazy cool!!!!)

This week we set a large goal of giving 15 Book's of Mormon and guess what? We were so so blessed and we were able to give out 34 Books of Mormon and things are really starting to look up. Our week is full of plans to teach and it is my favorite thing. I am so happy! 

We have been seeing so many miracles here and we are working hard and sometimes working ahrd to help each other. It is sometimes hard to be in a companionship of 3 but it is also such a blessing. Also this branch is growing stronger and we are close to the memebers here like never before and it is making me so happy. 

One small thing that made me so happy this week was when me and my comps stopped to talk to this old women who uses a broken peice of wood with nails sticking out to be a cane and she and I talked for 20 minutes about God and other things and I could barely understand her but tried so hard because she only wanted to talk to me, and then when we were saying goodbye she told me "I love you." In english. It was so amazing to hear those words out loud in my language. It has been so long since I have heard that. 

I am just learning to love love love the people here. We have one new investitagor named Katerina and she is 75 and like our little grandma. She may be one of the sweetest people I have ever met in my entire life. She watches us go down the street after we leave and feeds us even though she does not have much and she just feels the spirit so strongly. I see her in God's arms someday. So we will continue to work so that she can be bapstised. She is so believing and she is provo slovnic but it loving the book of mormon and our message and what she feels when we are in her home. we are so lucky that God trusts us enough to let us be a part of this work.
day after day I feel incredibly blessed to be here. I feel blessed to be struggling with the language and sometimes with my companions because I am learning so much and it is truly indescribable the feelings I have when I pray when I bear my testimony, when I hug my comps or when we walk around this city handing out Book's of Mormon. More now than ever I know this plan is from God. It incompasses all. AND HE IS ALL. He is my joy and I am so so excited to see Him again someday. to thank him in real life for this oppurutinuty. For all the people my life is blessed with. I love you all so much. I am eternally grateful for each and everyone of you. Please now that and please feel of my love all the way from Ukraine. I love this work.

I want to always be a missionary. 

Have a wonderful miracle filled week. God loves you! And I love you too.

Love Cectpa Karren 

PS: me and my comps have FUN and we are swol and crazy too. We call ourselves KarBelPoog (кэрбелпуг) Enjoy these photos XAXAXA

P Day and COWS. Workin on the farm ;)

A little Crazy!


Garden Work

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