Wednesday, July 29, 2015

blessings of missionary work

July 27, 2015

I asked Kylie to write about the blessings of missionary work and this is from her Journal Pages:

Blessings of Missionary Work:

- We find out who we truly are
- We grow stronger
- We grow in the gospel
- Learn to see through the eyes of God
- Learn to love like God
- Learn how to work hard
- Learn who to turn to first
- Learn who God really is
- Learn how to pray Meaningfully
- Learn to recognize Gods answers and recognize the Holy Ghost
- Receive revelation daily
- Learn from the scriptures
- Learn how to cry and then be put together
- Learn from the scriptures
- Gain a strong testimony of the plan of God
- Learn to go out of your comfort zone
 - Learn balance
- Learn to be happy amidst trials
- Learn patience
- Learn how to sleep in an instant
- Learn how o talk and get along with all kids of people
- Learn to live on your own
- Blessing of seeing Gods hand clearly everyday
- See the Love of God
- Blessings of callused feet and fingers from a hard day of work
- Blessing of testifying everyday
- Connecting to Jake through our experiences
- Really experiencing and understanding the atonement
- Learning a new language
- Learning about our Savior
- A greater understanding of the plan
- Seeing people wracked with sorrow REALLY smile
- Getting to know God and Jesus Christ better
- Recognizing God talking to you everyday
- Seeing more of his beautiful creations
- Hugs from Ukrainian Grandmothers and 3 kisses on your cheeks
_ The Ukrainian hospitality
- Hard moments
- Hearing the words “I Love You”
- Progressing – growing and learning more about our divine potential
- Laughing so hard in another language
- Running everywhere
- Seeing Gods children for who they are
- Experiencing God speaking through you.
-When you are so tired you know you’ve worked hard
- Ukrainian ice cream and candy!
- Doing service
- Ukrainian gardens and villages
- Learning to be brave and to overcome fear
- Growing in knowledge of the gospel
- Learning consistency
- Repentance
- Strength from the family
- Small moments
- Love hard work and hard things
- Meeting inspirational people who CHANGE your life
- Feeling STRENGTH from family and them being the answer to prayers through email

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