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sometimes I speak russian...

June 29, 2015

"So as mortals, we stumble, we lash out, we fail. And God does not always coddle us, despite genuine frustration and tears. But He is mindful of our progression. His watchful eye is always upon us, and through each difficult endeavor, HE IS THERE."

God is with me here in Cherkassy. 

We work for and because of our Savior. We do it all for our Savior, who has done all for us. How could we not want to give it all to serve Him with full purpose for this small time after all that he has done for us? This week I have been trying to work on learning to love the hard things. To turnoutward and to follow Christ. I read some pretty neat scriptures that have really given me strength.
3Nephi 12:10-12
Acts 5:41
Alma 31: 30-31, 38 If we want to be happy we forget ourselves and we go to work! :) 

Well with new companions and with renewed drive I began my second transfer ready to just absolutely kill it. Maybe I needed some humbling though. So maybe God has a little bit of a different plan, and I can still work so hard but maybe a little differently. I have two companions now. One has been serving for 9 months and is native and a mini missionary from Ukraine a convert of 8 months. Crazy! The mini missionary is great but sometimes it is a bit difficult because missionary work is hard work and sometimes she does not want to work. I realized maybe I am not fun anymore and God is giving me her to help me liven up and not be so serious. Though with Sister Fedas I laughed so much everyday (it was just while we are working) but now I don't laugh much. So God once again knows better than I do and my comps are seriously a blessing.

this week it rained seriously BUCKETS. We sang "its raining men" as we walked down the streets because it really was. Every street was flooded. Ha one funny story is that we were heading to a lesson with our investigator at the church and she called and said she had already been waiting 30 minutes even though we thought our meeting time was later. So of course we started RUNNING in the rain (I know dad is cringing right now) and I totally biffed it in a huge puddle of mud. OOOOOOPS! Don't worry I was not hurt just soaking wet and muddy for our lesson with our investigator.... kinda ploha! (bad) I know it but it was funny to me later. Ha I am sure that sometimes God is looking down like my missionaries are kind of little babies and he is just trying to lead us around and get us to listen to him. And sometimes we are not the best at it. 

Anyway I want to tell you so miracles of this week! 
Miracles of the week:

We have 3 investigators, Tatyana, Bazhena, and Alesa (girl from picnic friends with Danil). 3!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED TO ME BEFORE i LOVE IT SO MUCH ANDi LOVE THEM! 

We went and visited the Treeputen's (a cute member family) because it was Ivanna's birthday and we brought her a treat and note (and I said love Sister Fedas too) and her dad was there. It was the first time I have met them. We talked for a little and left a spiritual thought and guess what?!?!?!?!? He came to church on Sunday with his family. MIRACLE.

We gave out 4 books of mormon tracting our dom and have one potential from that as well.

We went to visit Tamara and her phone was off and the door to the dom was locked and I did not know the code. We tried several times and could not get in. The other sisters were about to leave when I had a thought "3, 4" AND IT WAS IT. Miracle from God. And she really needed us to come yesterday. her grandson had just been yelling at her asking why she has not died already and all sorts of mean things. We sang and gave her a thought and she told us we gave her energy. IT was awesome.

We also got to help President clean out or library in our branch and for the first time here members invited us over to their home so we can teach them! I am so excited. :) We are going to do a fun teaching activity with the Restoration.

By the way. I speak Russian. Like what?! Not very good but that is serisouly a miracle in and of itself! I SPEAK RUSSIAN and I can even understand some Ukrainian. Who even knew?!?!?!?!?

I am so happy and so grateful for all that you do for me and for the messages you send me. It means the world and you are all the very best people. I am praying for the Carter's and hoping they are doing ok. God loves them so much I feel it and I am so sad they are going through this hard time.
CONGRATS to cody getting married!! can't wait to see them as a married couple. I am glad everyone is doing well. Make sure you all take care of yourself.

Oh and NANA! I heard you turned 25 yesterday. You are so young and spry and just the best.

Have a great week and have fun. I miss you all so much but I love Ukraine. your prayers help me so much. I am so grateful to have you all in my life. 

my mini misisonary sister belovodskya
sister pugachova and me
Love Cectpa Karren 

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